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Granny Mod (Menu Mod) apk

Gameplay of Granny

In the sport Granny, the participant should discover the home to seek out gadgets that may assist him escape the home in 5 days.
Items embody a hammer to pry out planks of wooden, a shotgun to shoot Granny, and a crossbow to knock down tall objects or to kill Granny. The home presently has 5 flooring, together with a storage and a pair of attic areas. The participant can escape by clearing away the obstacles on the entrance door, or by repairing the automobile within the storage, which requires gasoline, an oil pump, a spark plug, a automobile battery, an engine half and a wrench.

The participant can cover below beds or in wardrobes, so long as Granny does not see the participant hiding. If the participant is caught, Granny swings her baseball bat on the participant’s head, which ends the present day. The participant can even get damage by falling from the unstable ground or woolly spider within the attic. If the participant is caught on the final day, one among 4 “game over” cut-scenes play, together with being attacked by Granny within the basement, getting run over by the automobile within the storage, or having his head chopped off by the guillotine within the yard, and falling onto a bear entice by way of the weak attic ground. The participant can defend themselves from Granny by capturing her with the crossbow, making her stroll over an ice entice, trapping her within the sauna for a time frame, or capturing her with the shotgun to take away Granny as a menace for a time frame (2 minutes in Easy, 1 minute in Medium, 30 seconds in Hard, and 15 seconds in Extreme. An additional 30 seconds could be added if Granny is shot with the shotgun in Nightmare Mode).

Granny Mod (Menu Mod) apk

Granny Mod (Menu Mod) apk

Granny (Horror sport trailer) Android and iOS

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