Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Do NOT Download This App SCP-1471 | Garry's Mod | Mod Showcase

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Hey guys! Today we have a look at the gphone as soon as once more! Except…. one thing is…. completely different.
There’s a brand new app, Lets see what it’s lets?

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37 thoughts on “Do NOT Download This App SCP-1471 | Garry's Mod | Mod Showcase”
  1. i dont think scp 1471 is that scary i think he justs wants a friend and idk why but i actually wanna see him (idk) and i checked on google play if it was there but its not so im sad 🙁

  2. This triggers me so much, you gotta research it Necros, the actual story is it shows the photo getting closer then after 48 hours or two days of use it will show photos of places you recently visited and then after a week of use it will show pictures of it lurking behind you but you can never see it then after another week you will see it in mirrors then finally you will see the actual creature not in mirrors but in your actual vision

  3. i need upvotes heres a custom scp i made Item #: SCP-3311

    Object Class: keter

    Special Containment Procedures: its contained with a special acid that will stick to anything for a long period of time and sometimes the acid will dissolve and will have to be replaced when it wears off, such acid is stored on a cycle and the source is restricted.

    The other issues that it causes has been prevented through various methods. Its screener is now kept in a ‘scope room. Its usage is still restricted. Other tests are still being done to see if it can be sent in other SCP items. The testing has not shown any of the other issues or anything of the sort.

    SCP-3311-2 is to be contained separately from the screener. The screener should never be made aware of the

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