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Melody is the character that you simply face within the week 1 of Vs. Melody. she is created by Awesomegurl3. She apparently (and secretly) is married to Monster. She mustn’t ever exhibit her secrets and techniques to anybody who is aware of about Monster. She’s additionally the advantage of Kindness.
BNonsense is simply Nonsense however his shade is extra of his icon fashion.
Acid Ace is a show-off, typically flexing on others along with his bars. Maybe, simply perhaps can Boyfriend lastly be defeated…
Tika Icon.png
Tika is an optimistic lady that likes to sing! She could also be small and younger, however on the within, she’s able to blow your ears away along with her music!
Drawisland (3).png
Gum boi was an accident made by a employee within the boba store he was created in. He could have a weirdly formed mouth, however that will not cease him from displaying of his singing abilities!
From the place he comes from, Disguise cat is an web sensation that clothes up in costumes as a way to rack up it is house owners likes on social media. It made it to the FNF world as a number of Disguise cats and they’re now dressing up as every character! They have unknown singing abilities, so be prepared!
Blockhead is a rock sculpture that…makes rock sculptures. He is a really gifted man, figuring out numerous abilities, together with singing! He will maintain his sculptures secure as attainable by any means, even when it means a music battle! Three! Two! One! GO!
KB Icon.png

Amor EX Icon.png

Anders Angry Icon.png

Impostor Icon.png
Oh god…the BETADCIU’s are getting crazier! GabeHatesA&WRootBeer’s BETADCIU is a modpack with…uhhh…how do we are saying this usually?? *sigh* 15 songs. Yep…that is gonna be painful for the mod creator to make much more. But again to the mod itself, these songs embody Termination from KB, Split EX from Amor, Psychoneurotic from Anders, Meltdown from Impostor, and 10 others, with ALOT extra coming.
Grahm and Cracker’ are finest buds, finest bakers and finest the cookies within the kitchen! When Boyfriend walks into the kitchen for a snack, Grahm and Cracker cease him, and properly, what occurs subsequent!
HoiYal! or Hoi for brief, is right here to point out off HIS abilities in singing! Watch out although, he could not be capable to hit these excessive notes…WHO CARES?!
CFSW Icon.png
Corrupted Fun Sized Whitty Is Whitty’s youthful brother that turns right into a corrupted monster. Try to defeat him and you may be tearing your hair out from all of the recent beats!
Iscream and gyroid harvest.png
Iscream and gyroid are two characters from totally different universes and determined to staff as much as beat you in a struggle are you able to attempt to end them off
Ryou Onuki is a personality from HiHi Puffy AmiYumi Rules 2001, he’s cool, assured and fairly matches for a manly man as a teen, he could go simple on you at first, however he will get tougher and tougher as you course of towards him, so be careful!, it’s possible you’ll not final lengthy in the event you’re not cautious towards him
kuri is a moth who’s rap battled by boyfriend in a subway station as a result of the previous spilled the latter’s espresso. He could look cute, however he ultimately turns right into a psychotic catastrophe.
Socksfor1 could also be a preferred participant of Among Us and Minecraft, and has method an excessive amount of curiosity in Girlfriend. Can Boyfriend cease Socksfor1 to finish his curiosity?
Yo Guys! Stick is the principle character of Stick Funky Week. His unique was in StickMan13: The Series. Even it’s StickMan13’s OC’s.
Cube New Transparent.png
Cube, Alpha, Kryp, and Redar are 4 of 21 characters within the 20 week mod, Funkin’ With the Cubes! Cube is a hot-headed dice, who is actually good at inventing, however to a harmful level we imply! in the meantime, Alpha is a dice who’s…not that good to say the least, which is why he will get hacked, however he’s amazingly good at beating ranges! Then, Kryp is one other warm headed dice, who at all times desires to go to the GD Awards! Looking to grow to be well-known, lastly, Redar is a well-known GD Player, for being an absolute god on the sport! He can also be a profitable artist.

(Ignore the black BG)

Harley is the lilyartistbunny’s OC who’s a younger lady dwelling within the snow land referred to as Ice Place. Boyfriend and Girlfriend the place the couple meet Harley. Boyfriend has challenged Harley to a rap battle along with her and Harley besides BF Battle.
Bro Icon.png
Beach Brother is a mod centered round Girlfriend‘s hypothetical brother. This mod solely takes from the summer season aesthetic, with Girlfriend and Boyfriend modified to account for them being on the seaside.
Cassandra Neutral.png
Cassandra is Pico‘s outdated schoolmate and essential enemy of the sport, Pico’s School. After an unintentional encounter with Boyfriend, she finds out that he is been relationship her sister, Girlfriend. Knowing the kind of individual that she is, Cassandra tries to speak some sense into Boyfriend into not going by means of along with his relationships.
Smokeyicon (1).png
Smokey is a Nevadian and an OC made by BarryDaJamhtiungOffcial who’s the daughter of Sanford and Deimos. She is hard, cussed, and does not let anybody attempt to mess with them.
Sally Icon.png
Sally (to not be confused with one other Sally) Is certainly one of Boyfriends kindergarten pals! Boyfriend and Girlfriend are strolling from the live performance and Sally finds them within the useless alleyway they met Whitty in! And Sally is certain to sing, so don’t find yourself making a whole crowd, heh heh heh.
Hailey E. Wimbleton is the Semi-Human/Nevadian daughter of Hank J. Wimbleton and Cassette Girl who’s the DJ and Hitman in Nevada. While venturing out in Nevada, Boyfriend and Girlfriend has heard some hack and slashing across the outlands as the 2 determined to research. Both has stumbled upon one other grunt who goes by the identify of Hailey. It appears that she’s prepared to let Boyfriend partake on a rap-off towards her since she has her personal musical affect…however there’s some household secrets and techniques that she’s been protecting and she or he desires to inform them to Boyfriend.
Friday Night Funkin' OC - Scene Sister Icon.png
Scene Sister is (in fact) the youthful sister of Boyfriend who’s a Scene Kid and loves every little thing Scenecore associated therefore her identify. She has a stuffed animal who goes by the identify of Buttons. When her Boyfriend and Girlfriend stumbled upon her room, she knew about her brother’s rap battles and is prepared to attempt her finest to rap battle him through her Karaoke Machine.
Neon Icon.png
Neon is the principle protagonist of AdventNEON created by a gifted solo dev CryoGX.
Monika Icon.png

Monika is an eccentric excessive schooler from Doki Doki Literature Club! with a streak of being self-aware in something she’s in.
Arthur Ernest Hastings is the principle protagonist of We Happy Few. Boyfriend and Girlfriend arrived in England the place they’re within the unsuitable place and do not the way to get out. Suddenly an Englishman appears genuinely completely happy which it grow to be an ex-editor named Arthur Hastings. He greets Boyfriend joyfully and invitations him to partake in pleasant sing alongside.
Ena is the titular protagonist of the ENA animated sequence created by Joel G. She is voiced by each Gabe V. and Lizzie Freeman in her common state, whereas Sam Meza voices her in her drunk state.
Strong Bad is the star of Strong Bad Emails from Free Country, USA, and, surprisingly, the older cousin of Girlfriend. As Boyfriend and Girlfriend determined to take a calming trip at Free Country, USA from the battles he had skilled involving a sure floating cranium head and a sure hitman agent. The two come come throughout Strong Badia in a curious scenario the place Strong Bad reunited along with his youthful cousin in any case these years and so, the rap battle between two dudes ensues if Boyfriend desires to make out with Strong Bad’s fairly cousin, he has to undergo him first!
Homestar IconWIKI.png
Everyone loves the Homestar Runner! He is a terrific athlete from Free Country, USA created by the gifted Brothers Chap. During his adventures in Free Country, USA with Girlfriend, Boyfriend has actually ran into Homestar and has acknowledged Boyfriend for being standard as him and for rap battling varied of characters, and so the enjoyable begins when he advised a singing problem towards the Boyfriend himself and in terms of a singing problem, he’s prepared to attempt his finest.
Coach Z is the “coach” of Free Country, USA who has greater than two issues, particularly with Daddy Dearest again years in the past. While having a run-in with a drive-thru speaker, Boyfriend and Girlfriend has got here throughout Coach Z, who isn’t solely a Coach of every sports activities…however can also be a rapper! Recognizing Boyfriend for difficult Homestar Runner and Strong Bad along with his rapping, Coach Z advised and challenged BF himself right into a Rap Battle towards him. Does Boyfriend suppose he obtained what it takes towards towards the lyricbolical Coach Z?
While taking a break from Funkin’, Boyfriend and Girlfriend noticed a mysterious grill close by a well-recognized fortress which has an odd little animal inside which made them inquisitive about it. after they opened the grill, out comes The Cheat, the sidekick of Strong Bad and one of many essential characters from Homestar Runner. When The Cheat’s magnificence sleep will get his impolite awakening from the Boyfriend, he grabs his mic simply in time for a Funky rap battle! But there’s a main flaw, did the Cheat realized some rapping abilities from Coach Z? Who is aware of?
Kevin,the principle protagonist of the Zombie Survival sequence is right here to guard North Gathin from the zombies created by Mr. Shog. Later he will get bitten by a zombie and turns into contaminated, and his pals try to avoid wasting him.
NEO (additionally typically formatted as NƎO) is a Picasso portray Humanoid that’s the Vaporwave equal of ENA. Both BF and GF have stumbled upon a well-recognized music close by whereas venturing in a world of Vaporwave aesthetics crammed with neon colours. When Boyfriend grabs the mic for rap battling, NEO took her keytar along with her, and what does it imply? It signifies that another person desires a musical problem towards the blue rapper, however this time…she’s utilizing HER instrument!
Mitsuki Rou is a younger mint coloured slime lady with no mother and father and is aware of every little thing associated to the slime species normally. When Boyfriend and Girlfriend are strolling by means of the grassy plains, they discover a small slime. They “kill” it, later realizing that the slime cannot be killed by contact. The slime then turns into just a little lady of the identify Mitsuki. Mitsuki doesn’t want for them to the touch her. They contact her once more, not realizing that she will be able to rap between them.
Veronica was a Scene Kid (in any other case referred to as a Scenester) who was Girlfriend‘s finest buddy till she turned 9. Despite her intimidating look, her favourite music have been ones sung by Vocaloids.
Akuo Chibi.png
Akuo is among the loopy freaks on Senpai’s Week. She was a whole yandere who solely wished Senpai’s coronary heart. If anybody wished so far both HER or HIM, she simply stabbed them within the chest! She was NOT the lady you wanna mess with!
Sakura is a short-tempered Espeon who even goes so far as to unintentionally kill them. Her “gem” is uncontrollable, and it might probably even kill. Sakura tries to apologize, however few forgive her. And to at the present time, she nonetheless is in search of those that dare to forgive her.

(Not to be confused with (OjamajoSakura15/ElectricalSakura16)’s Sakura)

Kyururu-San is the principle character of the second season of Kemono Friends. Even if his reminiscences are recalled by his drawings, he isn’t afraid to rap battle between the others!
Jayden is a cool skater boy who’s Harley‘s Ex-Boyfriend, created by lilyartistbunny. During their date, Boyfriend and Girlfriend had stumbled upon a Skate Park close by and the 2 of them has stumbled upon one of many inhabitants referred to as Jayden. Does Boyfriend suppose he obtained what it takes towards the Skater Boy?
Beepy is the lilyartistbunny’s OC who’s a pink blob creature residing in a spot filled with flowers. When Boyfriend brings his Girlfriend to a floral stuffed place if she likes it, till they stumbled throughout Beepy herself as she challenged the blue boy for a sing off problem and Boyfriend made a deal for a problem.
Mina is a non-canon character who is outwardly the daughter of Hatsune Miku and Monster from an Alternate Universe, which can clarify the dearth of canon to her existence. Boyfriend and Girlfriend walked by means of a portal and ended up in a teal and yellow coloured stage within the Nothing World. But that is no extraordinary stage, out comes Mina as she wished to sing along with her Uncle BF identical to he did along with his sister when she was on stage, it appears like it may one other live performance rap battle for BF however this time…he is dealing with off his non-canon niece!
Returning Hating Simulator
Sensei works as a trainer in Hating Simulator. He’s often all good and lustful, however as soon as Boyfriend and Girlfriend reentered the sport, issues took the flip for the more serious. Little do they know is that Sensei wasn’t simply an NPC however was somebody who was an ally for Daddy Dearest in the true world.
GabrielThe PaperMaster is a YouTuber with over 300 subscribers, and is a demon who’s to not be messed with who resides in some deep woods, sooner or later when he was having fun with his life, Boyfriend comes and encounters him, and after they rap battled, he wished to return residence, however Boyfriend didn’t like this, and so they battle once more, till Gabriel turns into enraged, and exhibits his true type, Boyfriend getting surpried, and virtually dies a number of instances, till lastly defeating him, and each lastly go away, however watch out…he shall be again quickly…and he did! Much madder than earlier than! After that, he simply forgets every little thing that occurred.

Mini GabrielThe PaperMaster is the little brother of GabrielThe PaperMaster! He was referred to as Apon by GTPM to battle Boyfriend, and he additionally turns into…a demon, it appears like we’ve got one other demonic battle on our palms! This time by a 6 12 months outdated! Surprising!
Kayla is an obsessive lady who resides from a spot referred to as YouTube, to win over Zardy! However, when Boyfriend visits one other fangirl whereas rapping with him within the cornfield, issues are gonna get actual loopy.
Whitty Sis icon.png
Whitsis is Whitty’s Older Sister who stars because the 2nd opponent for the fanmade Whitty’s Onslaught.
Bob espona boba boba espuma loud sound.png
Bob espona is… properly… massive spongebob.
The Siamang Gibbon is a black-furred monkey(ape) with a throat sack that he makes use of to comunicate with different Siamang Gibbons. He’s very loud and humorous.
Bill is a drawing of an individual, he likes rap battle, he’s arduous to assault, so dont assault him pls! its arduous.
Motor a cool purple haired man, however dont give him offended far more or else, additionally he’s Bill‘s Friend
Worth is a self-insert characters based mostly off of his roblox character who takes the place of Boyfriend. TBA Pencilmate The solely drawing that likes to be in pencilmation, not there, he desires to rap battle boyfriend
An evil Guest, who desires to get girlfriend, however boyfriend doesn’t, and in addition watch out he’s a fantasy

Sorry for checkerboard bg

Starfire A ailen who likes boyfriend, she actually is excellent at singing
StickMan13 is the titular antagonist of his VS.StickMan13 and ReesesWasNotHere. He relies on the Fandom consumer.
Sticka Icon.png
Sticka is Stick’s Girlfriend. She is a pleasant individual, like Stick and StickMan13. Mostly Sticka’s character is barely much like the Stick and Girlfriend’s character. She seems in Stick Funky Week, she accompanies Stick throughout the Gameplay of Stick Funky Week.
Juniper Normal Icon.png
Juniper is a well-known Youtuber on the Geometry Dash Community. One day, Boyfriend challenges her to a rap battle. But Juniper goes REALLY mad and… SHE CAN TURN INTO A ROBOT???? Now Juniper is EVIL. And a soldier too.

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