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The Aston Martin Vulcan (additionally abbreviated as AM Vulcan) is a track-only hypercar that acts as Aston Martin’s entry into the hypercar market, based mostly on the Aston Martin One-77.


The Vulcan is a track-only hypercar launched in 2015 by Aston Martin on the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It is a rear-wheel drive, track-only hypercar that runs on a brand new 7.0 L (6,949 cc; 424.1 cu in) naturally aspirated V12 engine mounted on an aluminium alloy chassis and carbon fibre physique delivering 820 hp (611 kW) and 590 ft·lb (800 N·m) of torque. The Vulcan is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes, magnesium torque tube with a carbon fibre propeller shaft, limited-slip differential, Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox and has a kerb weight of 2998 lb (1360 kg). The Vulcan is designed by Aston Martin’s inventive officer Marek Reichman, taking inspirations from Aston Martin present fashions Vantage and DB9. The Vulcan is a constrained version automobile, with solely 24 automobiles, every priced at $2.3 million.

The Vulcan is able to 0 – 60 mph (0 – 97 km/h) in 3 seconds and a prime pace of no less than 205 mph (330 km/h).

The Vulcan’s identify is a reference to the Cold War-era British bombers of the identical identify, in addition to the Roman god of fireside, Vulcan, whose Greek counterpart is Hephaestus.

Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt 9: Legends



The Aston Martin Vulcan seems as a low Class A automotive with the next rank statistics:


Similar to its Asphalt 8: Airborne rendition, the Aston Martin Vulcan has a good prime pace, acceleration, nitro effectivity and common dealing with.

With its well-rounded stats, the Vulcan is an efficient selection for multiplayer if the participant haven’t got higher automobiles akin to Ferrari J50 and is a wonderful beginning automotive for novices.


Upgrades for the Vulcan require 20 unusual import elements, 20 uncommon Class A elements, and eight epic import elements.

The Vulcan is one among few automobiles out there from the Daily Car Loot occasion; one blueprint could be obtained per day by beating the time restrict utilizing a Class B automotive.

The Vulcan’s blueprints can be obtained in numerous seasons in Career, particularly within the Aston Martin season in Chapter 2 which as much as 2 epic import elements can be found.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Asphalt Street Storm Racing


The Aston Martin Vulcan seems as a Class S automotive.

Stock statistics:
(Bold numbers are offered in-game, others are calculated. Last checked: Sep 24, 2020.)

Metric Imperial
Rating 555 Class S 555 Class S
BHP 604.76 kW (822.25 PS) 811.00 hp
Grip 12.00 12.00
Acceleration 2.33 s (0–100 km/h) 2.24 s (0–60 mph)
Weight 1,350.00 kg 2,976.21 lb
Torque 780.00 N⋅m 575.3 lbf⋅ft
Top pace 268.79 km/h 167.02 mph
NOS torque 50.00 N⋅m 36.88 lbf⋅ft
NOS time 1.50 s 1.50 s


Price Sale worth
Vehicle 10 Blueprints 200,000 Cash
Specific paints 40,000 Cash
Default wheels free
Generic wheels 15,000 Cash


Sale values

Selling 10 blueprints offers 500 Cash much less Cash than claiming the automotive after which promoting it. It is subsequently advisable to first accumulate the blueprints, then declare the automotive and promote it, even when a participant doesn’t need the automotive.


The Vulcan is sort of tolerant on the subject of Perfect Starts. This makes it a sensible choice for the “2 Perfect Starts” objective of Daily Tasks which can be achieved with mere Test Drives.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne


The Aston Martin Vulcan was added within the Championship Update as a high-end Class S automotive with the next rank statistics:

  • Starting rank: 1220
  • MAX rank: 1609 (+389)
    • This was modified to ? (+?) previous to the Sixth Anniversary Update.
    • This was modified to 1578 (+252) previous to the 2019 Holiday Update.
  • MAX+PRO rank: 1806 (+197)
    • This was modified to 1819 (+?) previous to the Sixth Anniversary Update.
    • This was modified to 1820 (+242) previous to the 2019 Holiday Update.
  • Tuning Kit bonus: +62
    • This was modified to +94 previous to the Sixth Anniversary Update.
    • This was modified to +54 previous to the 2019 Holiday Update.
  • Upgrade rank percentages: 5/55/15/25
  • Speed Modifier: 88.65%
  • Nitro Efficiency: 6/9.5/13.5


The Aston Martin Vulcan has superb efficiency in all features, making it able to dealing with any observe.

Within Class S, the Vulcan faces some rivalry from the Ferrari 488 Pista, Arrinera Hussarya GT, Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV, and McLaren MP4-31 on all tracks, however it’s in any other case superior to most different automobiles. The Vulcan is inferior to the Devel Sixteen Prototype in Tokyo and sometimes to the McLaren MP4-31 in Dubai and a few variations of Tenerife. The Vulcan is the fourth-fastest automotive in Class S (not counting the supercharged pace of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R), behind the Devel Sixteen (which has in any other case poor efficiency in all different features), the two-way tie between the Apollo Intensa Emozione and 2018 McLaren X2 (the latter two are superior towards the Vulcan on all tracks), and the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 (which can be superior towards the Vulcan on all tracks).

Within all the recreation (together with Class A), the Vulcan can be inferior to the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, Lightning LS-218, and probably even the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage in some conditions (particularly in Tokyo). However, these automobiles can solely compete with the Vulcan on lengthy and easy tracks because of their inferior acceleration, dealing with, drifting, and, within the case of the SLK SE and BMW Hommage, nitro effectivity.

The McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 and Rezvani Beast Alpha are additionally rivals to the Vulcan, Hussarya GT, and MP4-31 on quick tracks, being solely barely inferior to these automobiles. Within all the recreation, the Vulcan has the seventh-highest complete pace (if not counting bikes), at 507.3 km/h – 315.0 mph.

Official evaluation

This is the official evaluation of the Aston Martin Vulcan on the Asphalt YouTube channel, made by TheHawtDawg1 and printed on January 20, 2017:

Time to achieve conclusion of Tokyo straight: 7.028s

Perfect nitro length: 10.560s

Triple nitro length: 7.425s

French Guiana lap time: 53.856s

Final verdict: “The Aston Martin Vulcan is a truly amazing machine. Almost every statistic is perfect and the car can make insane times on all tracks. It is without a doubt the best car in Asphalt 8.”


The Vulcan can really be tuned for low-rank Multiplayer matches because of its low beginning rank. On the opposite hand, a Multiplayer-tuned Vulcan under 1400 is generally inferior to different low-rank Multiplayer favorites just like the Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic, McLaren MP4/8, and TVR Sagaris. Because of this, the participant is usually higher off by tuning the Vulcan to 1562 or greater (0500 5050 tuning, which achieves most uncooked prime pace), and if doable, getting it MAX+PRO, at which the Vulcan will showcase its full potential.

The following are a few of the higher non-MAX+PRO multiplayer tunes for the Vulcan:

  • Max 0400 Pro 5050 = rank 1498 = 456.6 km/h (283.7 mph)
  • Max 0500 Pro 5050 = rank 1562 = 477 km/h (296 mph)
  • Max 0502 Pro 5050 = rank 1586 = 482 km/h (300 mph)
  • Max 1502 Pro 5052 = rank 1597 = 485 km/h (301 mph)
  • Max 5501 Pro 5555 = rank 1660 = 491 km/h (305 mph)
  • Max 2504 Pro 5054 = rank 1657 = 495 km/h (307.6 mph)
  • Max 5504 Pro 5055 = rank 1679 = 496.6 km/h (308.6 mph)
    • This is without doubt one of the most balanced tunings, with typically good matchmaking.
  • Max 5505 Pro 5555 = rank 1747 = 507.3 km/h (315.0 mph
    • This is one of the best tuning for the Vulcan following the introduction of the Apollo Intensa Emozione.

At decrease ranks, it additionally faces competitors towards the Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition and Porsche Carrera GT, however is in any other case superior to them above rank 1586.

As of the Holiday Update, the Apollo IE, Lamborghini Centenario, Lightning LS-218 and McLaren X2 have surpassed the Vulcan in all respects. The Apollo IE and Centenario are upgraded variations of the Vulcan with extra deal with uncooked pace, the LS-218 is the second-fastest automobile within the recreation with barely higher acceleration and dealing with than the Vulcan, and the McLaren X2 is an upgraded McLaren MP4-31 with even greater instability. Despite this, the restrictive availability of the Apollo IE, Centenario and X2, in addition to their greater improve prices and Pro Kit necessities and, within the case of the Centenario, its Tokens-only upgrades, in addition to the inherent instability of all motorbikes just like the LS-218, make the Vulcan significantly simpler to acquire, improve and drive. The Vulcan is the second-best Aston Martin automobile, because the Aston Martin Valhalla dethroned it as of the 2020 Halloween Update, and stays dominant in any TLEs that don’t function the IE, X2, and Centenario, though some occasions might function the Vulcan and MP4-31 collectively.


The Aston Martin Vulcan is the fourth automotive to be launched as a Multiplayer League reward, after the TVR Sagaris, McLaren 570S, and Chevrolet Corvette C3. It was an Elite League reward for the Winter Wonder Season in January 2017. After the season, it has a purchasable worth of Tokens 14,250.

As of the Fifteenth Anniversary Update, the Vulcan prices Tokens 17,000 to buy. As of the 2020 Christmas Update, the Vulcan now prices Fusion Coins 3,450,000.

As of the 2019 Spring Update, upgrades value Credits 3,591,000 whereas Pro Kits require Credits 1,196,800, 32 Class S Parts every, 64 V12 Engines, 60 Mid-Techs, and 40 Advanced Techs.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

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