Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV Review

Is the All ” New ” Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV worth buying? In this video, I take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV sold by …

27 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV Review”

  1. "Just another AndroidTV box" doesn't do it justice. It's one of the very few boxes out there that simply works great for €70
    What I do miss in the review is the WiFi signal strength for streaming. Most people have some distance between the WiFi router and the TV box. When does this become an issue.

  2. Woot had these about a month ago for $20, so I snagged one. I already have a 2017 Shield TV that I love, but for general streaming, Plex, Netflix, Prime, Emby, etc. this is easily 90% of what the Shield offers. If you're looking for something with heavy emulation power or more advanced Android games, it's obviously not that for the price, but for most people, it's more than enough.

    My only real complaint is how clicky the remote is, I use it on our bedroom TV and the noise the remote makes literally wakes up my wife when she's sleeping, lol.

  3. Can you install the app SuperLive Plus? I want to use it to view my security cams live on my tv, and I am not able to pull a HDMI cable for that purpose.

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