Xiaomi Mi Box PlayStation One Emulator Test ePSXe

I’ve been having major trouble with My Elgato HD60 game capture device today. I think I have it fixed so ill be posting more videos on Monday, September 26th

Games used in this video-
1. Soul Edge / Soul Caliber
2. Crash Bandicoot 2
3. Crash team Racing
4. Bloody Roar 2

Xiaomi Mi Box specs
Amlogic S905x CPU
2gb ram
8gb storage

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27 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Box PlayStation One Emulator Test ePSXe”

  1. Hi, I need a little info…will the mi box be able to emulate the dreamcast properly. I want to get capcom vs snk 2, marvel vs capcom 2 to run properly on an android box I could get

  2. hey etaprime i have epsxe installed in mi box s. it works fine when you copy roms in the mi box storage but fails to recognize my usb drive. the usb drive is recognizable by es file explorer and in fact i use it to copy roms from the usb to the mi box. any tips on how to make the emulator run roms off the usb?

  3. any ideah why mine is saying GPU plugin not found switching back to hardware I mean crash still plays at 59 fps but what exactly does it mean for the game play like what am I losing ?

  4. How do you get roms on your Mi Box? Do you have a link to help, it wont recognize my ntfs usb drive, and when the mi box formats it at fat32 my pc wont recognize it to load roms on?

  5. Hi, Firts of all I just want to said Thank you foy all these videos about "MiBox". For this video I have one question. Do you have the URL of the emulator "ePSXe"? I try to search on google play but appear a lot of apps. Thank you in advance for your help I really appreaciate it.

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