Xamarin (Visual Studio) vs Android Studio and Kotlin

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You probably already know the basic differences between developing in Xamarin Android and native development in Android Studio.

Xamarin is cross-platform and even when you choose to use Xamarin Android instead of Xamarin Forms you can still share the main chunk of your code which is not dealing with OS specific stuff, with iOS application.

What if you want to develop only for Android though? Should you choose Xamarin and Visual Studio or Android Studio. And is it better to develop in Java or in Kotlin?

Binding a Java library to C#: https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/android/advanced_topics/binding-a-java-library/

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21 thoughts on “Xamarin (Visual Studio) vs Android Studio and Kotlin”

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  2. There is something you didn't talk about, if your os is 32 bits os, you can't install Android studio, people can still use zip file and copy files with some tweak but most of developers are lazy.
    Also if a CPU is not a new intel product, emulators will not work most of cases. I dont had these kind of problems in VS xamarin, just install and launch.
    Un my case i intend to use Android studio but when i met these problems and find myself have lost lot of times i was forced to use xamarin

  3. Someone post elsewhere that Android Studio has a lot of uncorrectable errors or unremovable. I know C++, C# and Java. I have experience with Eclipse (the worst debugger ever) and slightly with netbeans which the most complicated to setup ever.
    Does "Xamarin" is coming with Visual Studio.NEt of Microsoft or the "visual studio code" is for microsoft ?

    the someone exact message
    "Many errors that are almost impossible to remove

    Gradle sync fail Render problem Class can't be found Layout Reinstall repository Update SDK (even with latest version)"


  4. hi. In the end of the video I can't understand. in 6. 2.. seconds. you said "if you learned C sharp you don't need other language" . I have to go with Xamarin or Android Studio on java or Kotlin ????. What did yo mean? Thank you for all.. Good lucks..

  5. Hi….I programmed c# about a year for windows after that I programmed c# in Unity one year too…..Right know I want to programming Andriod but I don't why almost the programmers and famous sites say: first learn Java then Koltin??
    In u opinion is it true? why?

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