WWE 2K19 Details Vs. WWE 2K20

Here’s a look at WWE 2K19’s details vs. WWE 2K20. There’s a very noticeable downgrade and missing features.

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22 thoughts on “WWE 2K19 Details Vs. WWE 2K20”

  1. Man, I have 2k19 with all the DLCs already but today I noticed that 2k20 is like 20 bucks on steam, also with all the DLCs.
    However, after watching this video I feel like it's not worth it… It's just a shame that there's no female campaign on 19, but everything else looks better.

  2. The worst part of 2k is that the ring can’t jump or shake, and it won’t explode. My English is not good, but for many years I can only express my thoughts on playing PS wrestling games. This is what I translated with Google.

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