Windows is now Google Play Gaming Console?

Google Play Games Beta for Windows Available? Things You Must Know Before Installing Google Play Games Beta on Windows.

Google Play Games is a Windows desktop or laptop application that allows you to browse, download, and play select mobile games. Aside from being able to play your favourite Android games on a PC, you’ll also have keyboard and mouse access, seamless device sync, and integration with Google Play Points. Google Play Games for Mac is not yet available.

To participate in the beta, your PC must meet these minimum requirements:
Windows 10 (v2004)
Solid state drive (SSD)
Gaming-class GPU
8 logical cores of CPU
8 GB of RAM
20 GB of available storage space
Windows admin account
Hardware virtualization must be turned on
Compatible PC device and configuration

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  1. Does it get detected as an emulator when you play certain games? For example right now it matches keyboard and mouse players on pc with other keyboard and mouse players on pc using emulator on cod mobile

  2. 8 cores cpu 8 giga ram dedicated gpu with virtualisation 😂 if u have that kind of pc just use blustacks at least u have access to qooapp and tap tap where all the good stuffs lurking meh not worth

  3. It's really great, but in reality most of good games already delisted on play store ,I just want to sideload games like angry birds from this software

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