Windows 11 | Android Apps

Panos still had a couple surprises up his sleeve for the Microsoft Event on June 24th, 2021.

Get all the details on Windows 11 here:

35 thoughts on “Windows 11 | Android Apps”

  1. windows 11 is the biggest failure of all time.

    u cannot put Microsoft store apps as shortcuts in the desktop

    I bought pc for the only reasons to organize apps in folders.
    But u can't with windows 11.
    U cannot put apps shortcuts in desktop.

    the main aim of windows 11 is to get the fame. tremendous cash and beautiful name. it turns out the design is a big shame. we have to put a big blame. to the one who come up with this design lame.
    Imagination skills so tame. Updates that came. are just the same. M1 Apple is fire that flame. It has no competition in this game. intel is behind again

    i'm asking billgates.
    how do u allow that they made this gigantic mistake.

    u cannot make shortcuts app of Microsoft store in the desktop.

    I wasted a lot of time trying to Uninstall windows 11.
    But I couldn't

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