Why Piracy Will NEVER DIE

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Why is piracy resurgent despite the proliferation of cheap legal streaming options?

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37 thoughts on “Why Piracy Will NEVER DIE”

  1. Here is my philosophy: If a movie is at least 10 years old, then I'm either buying a physical copy or pirating it.

    The movie has already finished it's revenue cycle and is no longer in theaters, so I see no reason to pay for it, but just from morals, if there is a physical copy, I will buy it.
    If I want Toy Story, A New Hope, Transformers, or Jurrasic Park, then I will either pirate it or get a physical copy.

    Also, if a new piece of media I am interested in comes out, then I will pirate it, recommend it if I liked it, and buy the physical copy when it comes out or just watch it in theaters.
    If for example the emoji movie 2 came out, I would pirate it before I did anything else.

    If it is on a streaming service, I will just recommend it to people. Ihave given up on streaming services, and unless they have a large amount of content I can enjoy, which is very rare, I refuse to get any of them. I would rather just get one vpn and get all movies for free.

    Keep in mind these are my ideas on movies alone.

  2. Piracy is often easier, cheaper and in some case of a higher quality experience than the official services/products. Piracy is consumers satisfying a market themselves since corporate ass hats won't do it for them. Streaming has fragmented making it in some cases making it just as expensive as cable and caused many beloved movies and TV shows to be lost to licensing hell.

  3. I think I'm into the idea of pirating as well as paying for content. When I feel like something isn't worth paying for I'll pirate it, but if it turns out to be good then I'll pay for it. However when I feel like something interests me but feels scummy then I won't pay but still pirate it.

    Both options have their pros and cons and frankly we kinda need both in the world of entertainment. While I love free content, I also the convenience and not having to jump through several hurdles.

  4. Even here in America, my mom basically works herself to earn money, and it's hard to get a bigger allowance, a game I want may be 60 USD, but I only get 20(which I am grateful a lot for), but I still ain't able to afford the game.

  5. I watch YouTube for free and I'm not paying monthly for anything because it is awful… and so I'll watch the ads to watch this for free and YouTube is better tab anything else plus I save so much money

  6. Adobe be like "Pay 340 Dollars in Europe every 12 months for just using Photoshop because we have the monopole and are greedy af"
    People "Arrr Captain, set the sails"
    …Yeah no surprise there. I`m strictly against stealing, but in this case Adobe is the bad guy in my eyes and the Pirates are more like Robin Hood. And what pisses me off the most is, that we in Europe somehow have to pay 30% more than people in the US. Why? Why do we have to pay way more in Euro than US people in dollar, while the Euro is even worth more? People in Europe don`t earn more than people in the US on average. That is a double middle finger.

  7. he's right, the only reason why i even subbed to Disney plus was for star wars and Marvel movies, other than that, the rest of their content is dead to me.

  8. I cut my cable over 25 years ago because I only wanted to watch 3 channels: BBC, ITV, and HGTV… and I'm in Canada. If I really love something I downloaded, I buy it. Too many times I've bought music or movies/tv shows and I hated it…. I only liked 1 episode or song. Trying to resell that item means you lose pretty much about 90%. Netflix is great except you end up buying that show/movie you really loved because they often change their show list due to licencing.

  9. I like piracy because most games don't really have demos so I can't know if I'll like it so I just torrent a cracked game sometimes and try it out. If I like it I buy it. Although as a kid my family didn't have the money to pay 50 bucks per game.. So yeah piracy has saved many people from boredom.. There was also a shop that sold pirated games for cheap (didn't know what a torrent was back then) buut ill just shut up abt that.. (not saying it's a good thing, but not everyone has 20 bucks to spare let alone 50 or a 100 dollars, just sayin'. It's a poor persons' gold mine for gaming imo)

  10. Nothing sucks more than deciding you want to watch a particular movie only to discover it's not on any of the 5 or 6 streaming services you subscribe to. Well guess who does have it? The Pirate Bay.

  11. To be clear:
    More streaming PLATFORMS = competition between service providers = good
    Exclusivity contracts = can ONLY consume certain IPs by paying for specific providers = bad
    If we could watch any show/movie we wanted on any service/platform, then this nonsense would not be an issue. But no, corporate greed means everyone wants all the dollars.
    In other words, people are desperate because corporations are greedy.

  12. 1. TV is a plague that started dying on 911 / 2021 Samsung Revival. / 2. Piracy is just a way to get yourself talked down to by Karen all the way from England over the phone.
    The real booty is in good old school revenge hacking among open-source allies like my Viking ancestors.
    Or better yet, Simply join an insider offer and experience a more open door to your content creator needs.
    For now there may be absorbent fees if you're a hardware junkie, Oops I mean "IEEE certified Hardware Developer" and desire bare metal access to hardware.

  13. Last year i found a cracked version of Conan exiles online and decided to download it and try it out. I watched people playing it on youtube and thought it looked interesting so wanted to try it out and i am aware that many demos for games offer a limited experience. After trying it out for three months and seeing the mods i decided to purchase the game and all of its DLC. I play it practically nonstop now.If i had not found the cracked version i would have likely not bought it because i was not certain whether i would like it. Despite i originally pirated the game it simply became a demo for a game that I actually bought. The other time i pirated a game it was Battle for middle earth 2 which is a game i would play alot 10 years ago. I had kept the product keys which i entered into the version I downloaded. All the movies, music, and games I download are ones I actually own copies of, have owned copies of in the past, or plan to buy them in the future. In my case the creators are not really losing money.

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