What's On My Phone – Apps & Games for Android & iOS

Here are the Apps & Games I have been playing on my smartphone! Apps Shown: OfferUp Inferno (Series) BandsinTown Dark …

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  1. I like your channel because you talk about games on every console. What do you think about making one video about java games, like for Sony Ericsson? No one ever talks about them, but there are plenty games that play like on Super Nintendo. Here are some great titles:
    Blades and magic
    Cowboys and aliens
    Heli strike
    Hero of sparta
    That's only few of many good titles. Also if you don't have old phone, there is emulator for PC called KEMULATOR. It's not perfect, but can play most of the games.

  2. And I have photos if that helps please contact me to help me try and enjoy the system love the work what you do please continue to do so love your channel

  3. Hey middle Jesus I was just wondering if you could help me out here I’ve got a 16-bit video game I believe is from America North America and Japanese 16-bit game retro and it’s not working like it the game what has like 501 games it doesn’t stick into the console properly I was just wondering if you have any ideas of how to get it working please please help me out I love your channel I need help please ASAP I even have a adapter or connection American connection to an Australian

  4. "Bands in town" . i been trying to tell everyone about this app, connect it to facebook and spotify. Just works amazingly and helps me find new artists as well!

  5. My little girl wants to play a new original game. I downloaded this brilliant game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) for her and she is excited with it. I also very much enjoy this game. As a first time player of this kind of addicting games, I`ve come to love playing them.

  6. I haven`t stopped playing this video game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) since I got it. I like this game because it is great and easy. This game is awesome! I play the game on my tablet and mobile phone. It’s an exciting yet tough game. It calls for rational thinking, and rapid response. many levels to play and have a great time.

  7. This is a quite addictive game “fetching mimu only” (Google it). Exciting game, surprisingly difficult, I truly enjoy playing it. It`s an exciting and challenging game. If you have only a few minutes each day this is the kind of game you want to own in a mobile platform.

  8. a couple apps all gamers need 1AppSales-for android games apps on sale 2Best App Sale-for games apps on sale every where 3DroidGamers-for latest android game news

  9. I am rolling through all these videos as I work. Love to listen to all the cool game knowledge and recommends. Metal Jesus, have you checked out Clash Royale or Smash Squad on ios? I think both would be right up your alley. Clash Royale is like PvZ, but more action. Smash Squad is like a pool physics battler RPG.

  10. I searched for OfferUp on the italian app store and i just found a similiar app called "sphock" that is basically the same thing but with more ads on all italian tv channels (one of the only italian ads that feature an iphone ( because italy's most used phone is a samsung galaxy (italians love them even if they are slow)))

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