What if Mobile Apps Disappeared? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

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What if Mobile Apps Disappeared?
Firstly, if Apps disappeared, our Mobile Phones may not seem that interesting anymore.
Secondly, Gaming Apps are extremely popular, if Apps disappeared, Gaming Consoles may make a comeback.
Thirdly, Mobile phone Apps allow us to accomplish a lot of tasks, if Apps disappeared, we may have to carry a lot of equipment to accomplish those tasks.
Fourthly, many people use Apps to accomplish their fitness goals, if Apps disappeared, some people may give up on fitness altogether.
Lastly, if Apps disappeared, App developers would have to look for a new profession.

0:00 – What if Mobile Apps Disappeared?
1:05 – What if all Mobiles Disappeared?
2:18 – What if Mobile Covers Disappeared?
3:11 – What if Mobile Chargers Disappeared?
4:02 – What if iPhone Disappeared?
4:52 – What if Mobile Towers Disappeared?
5:48 – Why can’t you use phones on planes?
6:44 – What if we Build a Space Elevator?
7:46 – What if all Grocery Stores Closed?
8:59 – What if Coffee Suddenly Disappeared?