What Happened To Diablo Immortal – "Do You Guys Not Have Phones?"

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In today’s video, we take a dive into Diablo Immortal and how the game has quietly progressed over the years following its infamous Blizzcon announcement and subsequent fallout from the gaming community.

0:00 – Ad
1:01 – Intro
2:51 – Do you guys not have phones?
3:35 – The Game
7:13 – Conclusion

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38 thoughts on “What Happened To Diablo Immortal – "Do You Guys Not Have Phones?"”

  1. Diablo Immortal will go down as one of the worst PR disasters in the gaming industry that demonstrated how out of touch Blizzard was with their community both in the way they announced this game, but also how they had this in production instead of trying to push for what almost everyone wanted to hear about, Diablo 4. Now that it has been a while since that botched Blizzcon moment, we wanted to take a look in this video at what has happened to Diablo Immortal based on various publication reviews (not just IGN) and how the game is fairing.

    (Not sure if this needs to be said, but this video was not sponsored by Blizzard)

  2. What are you talking about? People are not warming up to it! We just dont care about it anymore. Were not gonna get it. Were not gonna play it. Were all gonna pretend that it doesent exist like it shoudnt have in the first place.

  3. There's nothing wrong with a mobile version of Diablo. But there was something wrong with their messaging. They built people up like there was going to be a huge reveal. For contrast, check out how positive the reaction was to Path of Exile mobile. They got a positive reaction because of messaging.

  4. Nothing against immortal, but I'm just not gonna play a mobile game. I don't care how smooth the controls are claimed to be or what. I'm not playing a game on my phone for hours. I don't have a commute and when I'm gaming, I'm sitting on my couch or at my computer. Release it on Switch and I'll play it. Otherwise Blizzard can fuck right off.

  5. 4:38 all of these will be happen, don't forget this shit is collaboration with NetEase, a Chinese company who is known for making pay to win game

  6. Diablo 3 plays great on Switch basically a mobile game. PC gamers are just people full of superiority complex. What I don't like is mobile microtransactions.

  7. Lmao how much did Blizzard pay you? Wish I could dislike more than once.
    Its because of people like you blizzard keeps getting away with their shit.

  8. Using the [Return Youtube Dislike] addon, i can see that this video got about 1,4K Dislikes / 3K Likes, i guess that says it all (about what people think of a Mobile Diablo game)..

    Diablo on mobile what a joke .. sure some people will play it, after all it's a blizzard game but i don't think that anyone of Diablo's core player base will really get into the upcoming Pay to Win piece of ** that Diablo Immortal will be ..

    What a shame ..

  9. Lets be honest about Diablo Immortal all it was and is is a cash grab pure and simple this review is heavily biased plus there is a link to the game on the ad bar i mean come on lol

  10. How could you even look forward to this? Wow players expectations have really dropped these days. Amazing how so many bad games are being made now. It's easy to blame the game companies, but at this point I blame the gamers man.

  11. 1:52 LOL no….this turd title needs to die in a bin fire. Nobody is warming up to this. What we have here is Blizzard forgetting their fan base in favour of penetrating China.
    7:23 My thoughts are that Diablo Immortal is an answer to a question that was never asked. It doesn't matter how good it is, nobody wants Diablo on mobile, we want another PC/console title.

  12. Lol this channels a joke, warming up… Yeah go ahead and release the cash grab after you make something the fans have been waiting for.

  13. I still have a phone and still won't play this game. If they think they can tap the mobile market and mobile gamers successfully that's their decision to make. They're certainly not getting their core PC audience with that one.
    I wish them luck with becoming a successful mobile game developer I guess – because they're kind bad as a PC developer these days.

  14. People are overreacting about everything. The game can exist fine also many people prefer mobile gaming and Diablo in the style of 3 which is not that hardcore is a perfect fit. Diablo 4 and 2 remastered where for sure in production back then but blizzard didn't have anything to show then. Now people don't care about immortal cause we got Diablo 2 remaster and Diablo 4 is on the way and looks good.

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