Upcoming Smartphones May 2022 | 🔥🔥 Top 10 Smartphones Coming Soon with 150W 108MP

Upcoming Smartphones May 2022 | 🔥🔥 Top 10 Smartphones Coming Soon with 150W 108MP

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Samsung Original 25W Travel Adapter – https://amzn.to/36LGUd0
Best Smartphones Under 10000 – https://youtu.be/fe2l6P7PGpo
Best Smartphones Under 25000 5G ya 4G – https://youtu.be/wbB4RwJ2Bzc
Best Smartphone Under 15,000 In Feb 2022 4G/5G ? – https://youtu.be/nCZ5T0NIJRo
Micromax in Note 2 Unboxing & First Impressions – https://youtu.be/v-3Xa6VOsSk
Micromax In Note 2 Vs Realme 9i – Massive Comparison – https://youtu.be/S6lH7D0pjrY
Micromax In Note 2 Vs In Note 1 – Quick Comparison 🔥🔥 – https://youtu.be/Z1LTMEMkavE
Micromax In Note 2 Vs Redmi Note 10s – Quick Comparison – https://youtu.be/awrShnXqhdw
Redmi Note 11 Vs Micromax In Note 2 🔥🔥 Redmi Ko Dho Dala ? – https://youtu.be/yEJj_-K6KWI

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⏩ Best Smartphones Recommendation

➤Smart Phones Under 10000
IN 2B: http://fkrt.it/szJVEUuuuN
Poco C3: http://fkrt.it/bWFK!iNNNN
Narzo 50i: http://fkrt.it/skZYgpuuuN
Redmi 9i: http://fkrt.it/bS4Y0kNNNN
Redmi 9 Activ: http://fkrt.it/sEUoD0uuuN
Samsung F02s: http://fkrt.it/bYjqt1NNNN
Infinix Hot 11: http://fkrt.it/bnbWZ1NNNN
Realme C21y: http://fkrt.it/sjCdd0uuuN

➤Smartphones Between 10000 To 15000
Samsung Galaxy F12: http://fkrt.it/bGusfiNNNN
Infinix Note 10: http://fkrt.it/bqCOY1NNNN
Realme Narzo 50a: http://fkrt.it/s8ymwUuuuN
Samsung F22: http://fkrt.it/b3C1WkNNNN
Redmi Note 10: http://fkrt.it/sMF2C0uuuN
Realme 8i: http://fkrt.it/sVeOsruuuN
Moto G40 Fusion: http://fkrt.it/showuUuuuN
REDMI 10 Prime: http://fkrt.it/sv6!bpuuuN
Poco M3 Pro: http://fkrt.it/btJdb1NNNN
Redmi Note 10s: http://fkrt.it/by81XANNNN

➤ Smartphones Between 15000 – 20000
Realme 8s: http://fkrt.it/vViOwkNNNN
Poco X3 Pro: http://fkrt.it/8wOYypuuuN
Infinix Note 10 Pro: http://fkrt.it/vN4g1iNNNN
Redmi note 10 Pro: http://fkrt.it/sBle50uuuN

➤Smartphones Between 20000 – 30000
Poco F3 GT: http://fkrt.it/vAfUuANNNN
Realme GT ME: http://fkrt.it/vAMfq1NNNN
Moto Edge 20: http://fkrt.it/vA9jNkNNNN
Realme X7 Max: http://fkrt.it/8yOGqUuuuN
Oppo Reno 6: http://fkrt.it/8tBXDpuuuN

➤ Smartphones Above 30000
Moto Edge 20 Pro: http://fkrt.it/v40TXANNNN
Samsung A52s: http://fkrt.it/8QAL5puuuN
Realme GT Neo 2: http://fkrt.it/v4a0wkNNNN
Oppo Reno 6 Pro: http://fkrt.it/8QlVw0uuuN
Iphone 12 mini: http://fkrt.it/8QXPcpuuuN
Asus ROG 5: http://fkrt.it/8QYfdpuuuN
Apple iPhone 12: http://fkrt.it/sR!9dUuuuN

⏩ Best Smartwatches Recommendation

➤ Smartwatches Under 3000
Boat Storm: http://fkrt.it/bUy9XiNNNN
Boat Vertex : http://fkrt.it/bUpHxkNNNN
FireBlott Mercury: http://fkrt.it/bUJjE1NNNN
Realme Watch 2: http://fkrt.it/sIR1W0uuuN
Noise ColorFit Qube: http://fkrt.it/smh9m0uuuN

➤ Smartwatches Under 5000
Realme Watch 2 Pro: http://fkrt.it/sSIvvpuuuN
Realme Watch S: http://fkrt.it/sUYnNruuuN
Amazfit GTS: http://fkrt.it/bT_HlANNNN
Dizo Watch Pro: http://fkrt.it/sO9WU0uuuN
Noise Fit Active : http://fkrt.it/smD4tpuuuN
Pebble Cosmos: http://fkrt.it/sm7_5ruuuN

➤ Smartwatches Under 10000
Amazfit GTS 2e: http://fkrt.it/sfycIUuuuN
Amazfit GTR 42mm: http://fkrt.it/sGOR0UuuuN
Realme Watch S Pro: http://fkrt.it/sdPiUruuuN

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