UK Google Play Pass Review – Free games, apps and in app purchases!

Here’s my Google Play Pass Review! The Google Play Pass has finally launched in the UK and today I’m going to take a quick look at it. We’ll look at its features, whether it’s better than Apple Arcade and test out some of the games, apps and in app purchases.

There’s a free 30 day trial to get you started. After the trial you’ll automatically be charged £4.99 per month. You can also sign up for a 12 month pass at 50% off (£29.99) which I think is pretty good value.

Don’t forget you can sign in to your Google account on up to 10 devices so you could use the Google Play Pass in 10 different places at once…

You could also have 5 family members in your Google Play Family to share it with. This would allow you to each use your own account when accessing the service. I think this is probably the best option for most people and especially for parents. Imagine being able to give your children access to an almost endless supply of games to keep them busy.

Not all the big hitters are in there at the moment but the service is still relatively new. I imagine more and more developers will sign up to have their games available via the Play Pass. In a similar vein to the Xbox Game Pass – it’s unclear what the developers are offered to join the service. Do they get paid per download? Is there a fixed fee they will receive?

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47 thoughts on “UK Google Play Pass Review – Free games, apps and in app purchases!”

  1. All the games and apps that are available in the pass, you can unlock their features by watching an ad or something anyway, so you're just paying for no ads, and you can get a ad free version of every app that's available in the pass by third parties, that's a shitty scheme to rob people 😛

  2. So if you buy this pass, and play a game, will all the app purchases in that game be free? If so, what will happen to the items once the trial expires or I cancel it?

  3. Because in-app purchases are free with this feature, if you bought currency from the game, what would happen to the currency after you cancelled your trial (especially when you bought items with the currency)

  4. Sir i have a question…
    For example i installed a paid app with another google account but i subscribed play pass with another google account…will i still be able to unlock in app purchases using the pass on that app?

  5. It's obviously trash lol. Imagine playing Terraria for one free month and another paid month and then just getting kicked of the game. Won't buy it, not worth it.

  6. I won't get to keep anything after my trial ends? O_o

    I mean, it kinda' makes sense but let's say I get Terraria, Stardew Valley or KotOR (or any other "pay once/no in-app purchases" games). OBB/Data, etc. are already on my device – how will they lock me out? Some games (like SV) doesn't require internet access to launch. They're adding some kind of "key" or shit?

  7. So as an example, when you bought those cars, they will just be locked again once your subscription ends/cancels? You won't be charged for it after the pass is over, right?

  8. Imagine if you could buy robux with the google play pass without deducting any of your money, just keep tapping the buy button until you reach like a billion robux.

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