Turn Your Android Tablet Into An Oversized Switch With This Controller!

Is this the best COntroller for your Android Tablet? Well, it is if your looking for a Telescopic Retractable controller because we don’t have many options for larger tablets but this is actually a really great controller and is perfect for the Galaxy Tab S6 Tab S7 and the Tab S7 Plus.
This is the iPega 9083B Bluetooth 5.0 Retractable Game Gamepad it’s basically the same as the iPega 9083S but the B Version comes in 2 different colors and instead of Bluetooth 4.0, it’s rocking Bluetooth 5.0.
This is n awesome option for android emulation and native android gaming plus they offer a mapping app and this will work with games like Genshin Impact!

Buy one on Amazon:
iPega-PG-9083B Digital Camo: https://amzn.to/3edGRbi
ipega-PG-9083B Fire Ice Red Blue version: https://amzn.to/3h6FrRw
iPega 9083S: https://amzn.to/3te6QUk

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46 thoughts on “Turn Your Android Tablet Into An Oversized Switch With This Controller!”

  1. Going on a trip soon and will have a lot of time on flights and in the airport. Was thinking about picking this up so I wouldn't have to pull out an Xbox controller… But everyone is saying it's pretty bad with the deadzones and just overall uncomfortable layout lol so I might just pass on it. Wish there was an alternative.

  2. Is there a wired version? Bluetooth on android has too much latency for retro gaming. I've spent many hours comparing many setups using Super Mario World. Bluetooth always requires tweaking in Retroarch whereas wired has been flawless. I'm looking for something like Razor Kishi (USB C) but for tablets.

  3. I have a problem with my Huawei MediaPad m5 lite
    Even though i got it connected, it says that i failed my pairing
    And even when i tap on it, it doesn't even work

  4. Thanks for showing the set up on this. Without the software the controller has really bad lag, but the software is so clunky and slow to respond I couldn't get it to work without seeing it done in real time.

  5. So I went and ordered one of these after seeing this, and I have to say the controller is absolute dogshit. The thumbsticks are like 90% dead zone, I couldn't even control my character effectively. Going back to playing with a separate controller with the screen propped. Waste of $45

  6. DEADZOOOOOONEEEEEE !!!! why have analog joysticks if the deadzones are so f-ing HUGE !
    It make this controller a total waste for FPS games or other games that require precise movement of the joysticks

  7. I'm looking for a controller like this that'll work with geforce now to play steam games. I'm new to all of this. Just bought an Anazon HD 10 and tried out geforce now tonight and it blew me away. Now I just need something like this to make it perfect. If anyone has any suggestions let me know

  8. Hi mate, do you have a video on how to get these old games on to the tablet? If not, can point me in the rite direction on how to do so? Would love to be able to play Mario kart, Tony Hawkes etc… cheers

  9. Hi ETA Prime. Thanks for the review. I have the 9083s and was about to try playing ppsspp. My problem is I cannot map my d pad or analog. I used z fold 3. Do you have any tips to resolve this? Thanks and more power

  10. The 9083C is out dunno what's new in that. They released a new model too 9217 it looks more ergonomic with an asymetric layout.

  11. Can you try some of these telescoping controllers with 8" and 9.7" tablets in portrait mode, matching how many arcade games are best played full-screen. please?

  12. I have arthritis and using the typical controller is stressful so more than likely I'm going with the telescopic controller in hopes that wider is the answer . It would probably be nicer though if they scaled the size of them up though ; these controllers are more designed for smaller people though.

  13. I have a PG-9083s and in Asphalt 9 my controller is detected as keyboard instead as gamepad, sis you have any problem? I have the same tablet

  14. Omg thank you so much for putting your tab s7 plus. This is exactly what i was looking for. Can you please test if marvel future revolution works with the controller?

  15. I liked the previous version, my favourite for a long time, except for 3 things, There is a lot of dead space before the sticks registers movement, the d-pad has sharp edges that cuts in to your hand, and the L and R buttons are hard to reach with my hands

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