Top Ten Video Games Like D&D

You enter the realm of Josh Scorcher. He gifts a countdown of the Top Ten Video Games like D&D. ROLL INITIATIVE!

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  1. A very good list, sir! I had to rewatch it since I had missed the first part. Also…allow me to repost this since I mentioned it in the chat. Like I said before: Consider it…a late wedding gift…

    NAME: Brandon Hephaestus Fire (AKA Firebrand)
    RACE: Kantoan Rapidash
    CLASS: Cavalier Lv8

    Racial Abilities – Fire type:
    + 2x Scale to all attack damage (+2 for Lv1-Lv4, +4 for Lv5-Lv8, etc. Max +10)
    Immune to burns
    Double natural healing in volcanic areas (Obviously no sleeping in lava…that'd be silly!)

    STR: 15 DEX: 18 CON: 11 INT: 14 WIS: 13 CHA: 12
    HP: 65 PP: 60
    BA: +8/+3 (Standard attack with hooves do 1D8 per attack)
    Fort Save: 6, Reflex Save: 6, Willpower Save: 3
    AC: 21 (Elven Chain Barding +2)
    Skills: Acrobatics, Intimidate, Knowledge (Geography), Perception, Ride, Survival (8 Ranks each)

    Quirk: Selective Flame (Flaming mane, tail, and Flame Body do not affect allies)

    WEAKNESSES (Double damage)

    Water (Any damaging liquid attacks not acid or poison)
    Rock (Any stone based weapons, including made of gemstone or obsidian)
    Ground (Tremors, flung dirt/mud, bone weapons)

    RESISTANCES (Half damage)

    Fire (Any fire damage)
    Grass (Plant based attacks and wooden weapons)
    Ice (Any ice damage)
    Bug (Attacks from bug specific parts)
    Steel (Any metal weaponry, including interesting metals such as silver, mithril, and adamantium)
    Fairy (Any Fae based or Positive energy damage)


    Run Away (Can withdraw from combat without evoking attack of opportunity)
    Flash Fire (All Fire attacks gain one extra damage die if hit by fire damage. Does not stack.)
    Flame Body (Enemies who attack with melee must make Fort Save DC 10+Lv+STR. Failure and enemy is now burned…all damage is -1 and does 1 point of damage per round until extinguished.)
    Dodge (+1 to AC)
    Combat Reflexes (Additional attacks of opportunity equal to DEX bonus)


    Elven Chain Barding +2
    Horseshoes of Speed
    Bag of Holding
    Sitrus Berry x5 (Heal 3D8)
    Lum Berry x3 (Cure any natural condition)

    SPECIALS (Replaces Cavalier's Order and Challenge, can still use Cavalier's Charge bonus)

    High Horsepower (Ground, PP cost 7, -1 to attack, Melee, CC bonus can be applied, 5D8 damage)

    Tackle (Normal, PP cost 2, Melee, 2D8+STR blunt damage, CC bonus can be applied)
    Growl (PP cost 1, All enemies within earshot Will Save DC 10+Lv+CHA, Failure means all damage -1, stackable unless successful Save is made)
    Tail Whip (PP cost 3, All enemies in eyeshot Will Save DC 10+Lv+CHA, Failure means AC -1, Stackable until save is made)

    Ember (Fire, PP cost 4, Ranged touch, 2D6+INT fire damage, Fort save DC 10+Lv+INT or be burned)

    Flame Charge (Fire, PP cost 5, Melee, 5D4+STR fire damage, CC bonus can be applied, +1 to initiative score applied at beginning of next round, stackable to max of +6)

    Agility (PP cost 3, +2 to initiative score applied at beginning of next round, stackable to max of +6)

    Flame Wheel (Fire, PP cost 4, Melee, 3D8+STR fire damage, CC bonus can be applied, Fort save DC 10+Lv+STR or be burned)

    Stomp (Normal, PP cost 5, Melee, 3D8+STR blunt damage, Reflex save DC 15+Lv+STR or lose next turn)

    Fire Spin (Fire, PP cost 6, -3 to hit, Ranged Touch, 2D6+INT fire damage to start, Reflex save DC 10+Lv+DEX or be trapped for 1D2+3 rounds doing 1D6 fire damage per round)

    Smart Strike (Steel, PP cost 7, Melee, 7D4+STR pierce damage, attack bonus doubled, CC bonus may be applied)
    Quick Attack (Normal, PP cost 3, Melee, 2D8+STR blunt damage, can be done before anyone else if declared at beginning of round, CC bonus can be applied)
    Fury Attack (Normal, PP cost 5, Melee, -3 to attack, hits 1d4+1 times on successful hit, 1D8+STR pierce damage per hit)
    Poison Jab (Poison, PP cost 5, Melee, 4D8+STR pierce damage, Fort save DC 15+Lv+STR or target is poisoned (1 damage per turn))
    Megahorn (Bug, PP cost 7, Melee, -3 to attack, 6D8+STR pierce damage)

    Feel free to have fun with this however you please. Oh…and I will be more than happy to make a Galarian Rapidash Sorceress based on Aramau if she would like. Please feel free to ask any questions if you are curious.

    Yes…I AM that much of a nerd to make something like this, and fiercely proud of it, I may add!

  2. Dear God fix your volume man. When you talk your too damn quite then when that song plays it's ear blasting loud. Make up your damn mind.

  3. It’s a shame that the Neverwinter that you talked about is nothing more but a hollow shell of what it once was, tainted by predatory pay-to-win micro transactions and lazy game design. Watch John Strife Hayes’ video for more information.

  4. Did you use Northernlion coverage without citing for the Grimrock coverage, or did you happen to just name the character Northernlion.

  5. I love the fact that Champions of Norrath was brought in the beginning of this list. I played that game in my childhood for the longest while, but never made it far and kept starting the story over. I will forever remember the voice in the barbarian as he says "They'll pay for this."

  6. I havent played any D&D actually. I heard about it from media like SMG4 and Teen Titans GO (yes i liked that show, fight me) but i might give it a shot.

  7. noice,finally neverwinter 2 gets some love i always hated the fact that neverwinter 1 doenst let you have a party unless playing online

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