Top 8 Upcoming strategy games like Age of Empires | 2020

Best 8 upcoming RTS strategy games like Age of Empires. You can support me here: Don’t …

50 thoughts on “Top 8 Upcoming strategy games like Age of Empires | 2020”

  1. Shit, I had not played the Knight of Honor 2 and I am already 56. What happened???
    WOW! Times flies so fast with this review, I want my vodka! I think I was so drunk to hit the Like and Subscribe buttons.

  2. Nice vid but most games aren't like Age of empires sir … i mean where is the base building and resource gathering in Total war and knights of honor?

  3. I love online team RTS games! Like AOE and red alert2 not red alert 3! Keep them coming boss and the vodka will fall from the heavens!

  4. So that's what the Stronghold team were up to. Really happy to see older IP's finally getting their rears in gear. Especially knights of honor, which was REALLY deep for its time.

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