Top 5 UPCOMING Open-World Survival Games with HIGH Graphics! iOS + Android! [Free Download]

“Better than COD Mobile – Upcoming Open World Games for Android/iOS 2022 (Games Like GTA 5 for Android/iOS) High Graphics or Under 100mb – Offline/Online Multiplayer – Best FPS Games for Android/iOS – Upcoming Games for Android/iOS (New FPS Games 2022 Android) Free Download”


10 MORE Games Like COD Mobile, Online & Offline!

#1 – Project: Arrival –
#2.a – UNDAWN (Global) –
#2.b – Garena Undawn –
#3 – CITY –
#4 – Project: EOE –

Note: Dawn Awakening is the China version of the game Undawn. If you’d like to play the Chinese version: 🙂

Hi guys! Welcome back to the channel! Today we are back talking about some more upcoming games, this time focusing on the open-world survival genre! There are more and more open-world survival games popping up all over the place (usually from Chinese developers) as our smartphones get more and more powerful, and some of the games coming out in 2022 look awesome! From an underwater survival game where 90% of the world is flooded by an alien invasion, to a post-apocalyptic open-world survival game with over 10 different biomes and dynamic weather, these games are truly spectacular, and may even rival COD Mobile in terms of graphics! Which game on this list are you guys most excited for?! Let me know below!

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37 thoughts on “Top 5 UPCOMING Open-World Survival Games with HIGH Graphics! iOS + Android! [Free Download]”

  1. Why are all these games so similar to life after, that game is very pay to win and pay to keep up😭 isn't there any survival mobile games similar to rust?

  2. LifeAfter was developed by NetEase and if you want a true successor to the first and goated mmo rpg Life After game City is the true heir being created by same company and if you look it basically is life after better graphics

  3. notice how most of these are just different iterations of lifeafter… we do need to thank netease for pioneering the mobile apocalypse survival genre

  4. Lifeafter ain’t even good they ruined it after s2 were they took survival out of the meta and replaced it with furniture & fancy doll house costumes & the attachment upgrades made the game become unbalanced with its pvp/pve events

  5. They are all lifeafter clones . Except for atlas . Weird that netease is doing 2 clones of itself . Lifeafter is amazing but if you're not p2w you will struggle and lag behind Whales . I spent 2 years in Lifeafter , spent a lot and still quit . It is amazing though . I'd definitely check these new ones out for sure . I must say though , undawn/dawn awakening has been coming soon for almost 3 years . I was hoping and hoping it would release when I was stuck in lifeafter. Excited to see about these games ngl

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