24 thoughts on “Top 5 Mobile Games like Diablo Immortal”

  1. Would be nice to include names either down on the time stamps or onscreen. if its there somwhere i totally missed it but you are a bit hard to understand sometimes.

  2. Raziel is very good game. I just don't like it because it has only 3 classes. I want to play some meele assassin class in Raziel.

  3. I dont agree to much on genshin. it was a high promise beautiful banwagon game that started off with so many boycotts and was defended by thousands of fan boys. Getting new characters are no where near worth saying you get 30 or so….with out months invested or spending money you will be lucky to get 4…theres your massive paywall…again fan boys will defend. Eternium is a desperate ok game…d3 clone, no where close other than the over head view. very repeatitive short story….beat it and bored again after 1 day.

  4. Raziel feels like diablo 3 on mobile, it is much close to diablo immortal imo. Genshin took a lot of my time but still the best open world game for mobile. Keep it up scrappy! 🔥🔥

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