Top 5 Games Similar to Terraria

In this video, I will be showing you my Top 5 list of Games that are similar to Terraria in 2022! All games in this list are still getting updates even until this day!

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – #5 – Core Keeper
1:04 – #4 – Archvale
1:41 – #3 – Skul: The Hero Slayer / Dead Cells
3:34 – #2 – Stardew Valley
4:33 – Honorable Mention – Starbound
5:03 – #1 – Noita
5:56 – TL;DR (too long, didn’t watch) / Summary

Thanks to ChippyGaming too for inspiring me to make this video, as he played many other games that are similar to Terraria recently!

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Musics used:
1. Stardew Valley OST – Spring (It’s a Big World Outside)
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6. Starbound OST – Atlas
7. Noita OST – Daddy Long-Leg’s Surprise (From Grotto & Niilo Takalainen)
8. Stardew Valley OST – Load Game

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46 thoughts on “Top 5 Games Similar to Terraria”

  1. Let me know what other games you guys know that resemble/similar to Terraria, it can be artstyle, gameplay, mechanics, enemies, vibe, etc. in the comment section down below! Keep in mind this subject is highly subjective and people can have different opinions, nobody is wrong, so feel free to comment what you have in mind!

    Other games I didn't mention in the video, but worth a try:
    1. Planet Centauri
    2. Moonquest
    3. Forager
    4. Signs of Life
    5. It Lurks Below
    6. Aground
    7. Junk Jack

  2. Started playing Archvale and holy moly it’s amazing! The graphics story and bullet hell is absolutely splendid! I’m so surprised that no one has been talking about it or playing it!

  3. (Dead cells)
    Also you will be Stuck at 2bc i suffer so much at that difficulty but after a long time i just finished that! (Just this day!!)

  4. Starbound, such a great concept ruined by incompetent dirtbags that developed it. Thank goodness for the modding community though.

  5. Please do not promote starbound
    Not only does the game suck ass but the company behind it is a menace too. It’s like the bizarro version of terraria where the game sucks and the company sucks too.

  6. Oh my god, Starbound is the most underrated game. It takes 2nd place in my favourite games. I, like, completed this game 5 times and still playing it. Insanely good one.

  7. I agree for the most part but i really dont think skul and dead cells resemble terraria very much. Terraria has never felt like a brutal hack n slash roguelite to me, more like a slightly more laid back exploration rescource gatherfest with one on one projectile based combat (most enemies fire a projectile or summon goons).

  8. I agree with everything but dead cells lol, its a roguelike where you need to go trough level, its not about an open world, when you finish an area you cant get back to it that being said its an absolutely amazing game

  9. I've known about most of these for a while, I have over 492(I have 994 hours on Tmodloarder lol) hours on Starbound and am currently playing Stardew valley, I saw archvale on chippy's vid. I've seen Noita on Steam and I'm currently playing Dead cells. Never heard of Dead cells though, it looks very fun, thanks for the recommendation! As always gitgud, great content!

  10. So just to let you know, Dead Cells is nothing like terraria besides being a 2d pixel art game. The combat is far more interesting and it’s overall better than terraria.

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