Top 5 Games Like Diablo Immortal

Top 5 Games Like Diablo Immortal

👉Raziel download ►
👉A3 Still Alive download ►
👉Eternium download ►
👉Darkness Rises download ►
👉Perfect World download ►

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41 thoughts on “Top 5 Games Like Diablo Immortal”

  1. Eternium is super fun and I keep coming back to it. It's the only actual game on the list, the other are "games as a service". Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if I find my way back to it eventually even after Diablo Immortal gets released.

  2. Bro you missed Anima. It's arguably the best Diablo-style RPG on Android right now. The devs have put so much love into it. It's more akin to Diablo II which might be what a lot of people are looking for.

  3. Well i have been lost to Ark Survival Mobile for years now. Last week started Albion Online.. thought i was going to Play Diablo when it released, now im staying in Albion 10/10

  4. Path of exile! I've been hooked on it lately,. It's so good, and there's so much depth to it. Echo, you should do a vid on Poe mobile. We don't have alot of info on it yet but there's enough info from exilecon to take a look and compare to immortal.

  5. Highly recommend Wild rift if you are interested in games with complex mechanics and energy filled games. It's also completely free with no microtransactions so you can choose to step away anytime guilt free.

  6. Good list of alternatives. I tried them all (investing some money as well). The outcome!?! NONE of those is even slightly close to DI. Tbh, they are all FAR away from DI from all point of view: characters, skills, controls, gameplay experience, sound!!, graphics, game engine performance, cleanliness of UI, storyline, balance between depth and immediate action, and many other things.

  7. The only game that's worth to play on this list is only Albion online and eternium lol
    And also, Albion online is just so much fun, it gave me an experience i never felt with any other mobile mmorpgs on mobile, i could even dare to say that i enjoyed Albion online more than Diablo immortal closed alpha

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