Top 5 Games Illegal To Play

Top 5 Games Illegal To Play

Top 5 Scary Lost Tapes That Will Keep You Up At Night

Today, we’re going to be taking a look under the hood of modernity – the video games industry. As a whole – video games are a fantastic outlet of creativity, art and expression – but in some cases, things just go horrifically wrong.

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Games Illegal To Play”

  1. the school shooting game isn't even that good i mean saw video and even found a download for the game and tbh it is very badly made same models no gore also the models are not even kids idk why it was controversial i mean even gta 5 had much more gore than this game.

  2. I find it funny that a game premise is just you killing as much humans as possible to be banned but allow games like uncharted for example of a dude going to foreign countries for treasure but mass murdering thousands of people to get it is alright.

  3. Why is postal 2 here lol, i dont feel like it should be banned. It's basically just the more offensive version of GTA, you can do the same stuff, but postal 2 is more violent

  4. To be honest tho: I played Manhunt 2 thanks to PSP emulator and I had a great blast with this game but …
    FRIENDLY REMINDER: I know that game was a controversial due to graphic violent but I just 50-50 know or don't know about how authorities think, because the game itself is definitely not suitable for the kids because it was rated Ao (aka Adult Only), and this is definitely an experience of Rockstar for going erotic horror route
    Manhunt 2 is actually great for average erotic horror gamer (technically me), it has a great gory excecution, unique story-telling about a psycho who has multiple personas – unlike typical GTA characters (probably except for Trevor). For the gameplay itself, the stealth mechanic is pretty much similars to Manhunt 1, but adding layers of calculating of enemies of learning how to excecute the stealth-kill in the goriest way as possible. This pleased me a lot about how erotic Rockstar was to put all their effort (and guts) to make a controversial game.
    AGAIN … THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS, IT'S FOR ADULT (So if you bought the game and got traumatized by graphic violent, it was your responsible)

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