Top 5 Best Games Like Pokémon Go for iOS and Android [HD][Latest]

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Software developer company Niantic is popular for its new Pokemon GO game that was launched yesterday in collaboration with Nintendo. In this game, you need to roam around in the real world with your smartphone to find Pokemon and capture them. That’s what augmented reality (AR) means.

AR simply means that the app or game augments reality into its functioning, which means that you can to rely on the real life to play an AR game or use an AR app. But Pokemon GO is not the only augmented reality game/app that we have got, and this certainly not the first time an Android app has used AR technology.

Since Pokemon Go was launched, the servers were under constant assault and they could barely make it alive, giving us the chance to play this amazing game and some believe that things will get even more complicated when Nintendo launches it in other countries. But no matter if the servers are too crowded or not, you might love Pokemon Go so much that you’d like to play games that are similar in one way or another and I am here to help you with that and share with you some Pokemon Go alternatives: mobile games like Pokemon Go.

1. Ingress

This game is created by Niantic (the same people who created Pokemon Go) and is very much alike Pokemon Go: it’s also an augmented reality game that uses real life locations, maps and your GPS location in order to play it. Although you get the chance to travel to and own different destinations in real life – which is similar to the Gym concept in PG – the overall experience feels completely different, although slightly familiar. Give it a try, it’s free on iPhone and Android.



2. Life is Crime

Even though not extremely popular and focusing on the dark side, this is a good app to consider as an alternative: you can join gangs based on your location, complete missions and act together against other gangs. It’s a game for the villains out there, but it’s pretty fun to play. Check it out on Android.


3. Parallel Kingdom

Another location-based game that has your neighborhood take a trip back in time where nights – but also monsters – roam the lands. Complete quests, slay monsters and explore in a really impressive MMO game. Give it a try for free on iOS or Android.



4. Dragon Mania Legends

Another game that involves breeding and collecting tons of dragons, as well as battling them. It doesn’t have location-based gameplay or augmented reality, but it still is fun and looks insanely good on mobile. We’ve already published some tips and tricks to help you get started after you download it on Android or iOS.



5. Beastie Bay

With a retro graphics style that will remind you of the original Pokemon games, Beastie Bay is a game where you have to build your island for a ton of monsters and build strong teams to draw in even more. Fun and definitely worth checking out on iOS or Android.



These would be our suggestions for games like Pokemon Go that you can play until it launches in your country or as an alternative. Do you love any other game that’s similar in concept? Let us know by commenting below!

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