Top 5 Best Android Emulators For PC 2021

Hi Welcome to my Channel , I will show you in this video
Top 5 Best Android Emulators For PC 2022

In this Video I am Going to Show you the Complete Demonstration and Review for the Top 5 Best Android Emulators of 2021, I have listed these Emulators based on the Stability, Performance , Speed and Tested each Emulator Before Demonstration!

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47 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Android Emulators For PC 2021”

  1. Which is better for controller support? πŸ™‚ And getting a resolution of 1080p if possible? I'd like to log into my account and play my games on my PC because my phone often lags timetimes. πŸ™

  2. You make such Great vids man ik Youve Heard of Voice Assistantz which controls an.. os but Have you ever heard of 1 you can use to control A browser i have A special video Request For YOU To Make >>its making A video Review of 2 voice Assistant control Extensions for Chrome they are> hey buddy and Neo< play Music +calculate Numbers too have both find stuff on Youtube Bing etc ill be Repaying ofc..incase youre asking How?>By Giving Your Channel A Big Sub+ Liking all Existing videos Hey buddy Neo aswel are abit powerful than Ok Google Alexa cortana simply cuz theyre Capable of controlling a browser while Neither of all those can ever possibly do anything Like any of That Neither is able to control an os Either muchless… I need it because im Planning to get A computer and i just wanna have my parents use it That way using voice<Β·Β·Β·Β·

  3. ko player is bullshit don't try to install that, installed a whole lot of apps in to my PC even though I clicked decline on everything.

  4. Every emulator description:
    It is recently updated smoothest, fastest competing and best well suited to you..

    Well.. thanks for nothing I guess

  5. Gonna give NOX player a test.
    been using MEMU these last few days.
    but a lot of thinsg I dont like.. these giftboxes hanging from the top that useally resamples that soembody have laid a dump on your system.
    and it keep coming up with these commercials on ones homedesk.
    and lastly that all ones action seems to be routed thrue China (you can see it if your run speedtest that chinese servers are like 3km away, while Im actually 9000km away. so dont put any sensitive infromation when using that, like creditcards or passwords etc. unless you wanna roll the dice.
    Is it correct that NOX player are without commercials.?

  6. Memu has a virus even from the official website.

    Bluestack only work well in first time i install it, but it starts lagging after that. Anyone else have the same problem?

  7. My impression: all of these names were designed by the same people. The interface and their home pages look alike.
    KOPlayer: outdated Android not compatible with many modern apps, Memu – apps crash while starting. Nox crashes while signing in with Google. LDPlayer crashes in PlayStore.
    So all of them have probably been created to spy on you and steal your data.

  8. MEMU made it so I couldn't run any video games on my computer, had to full format to fix :/

    If this has happened to anyone else I'd consider it a bug or virus

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