10 thoughts on “TOP 5 2.5D GAMES”

  1. Just because they or the camera move in two directions doesn't mean they are 2.5D.
    If you had played Marvel's Avengers Alliance by Playdom, you would know what a 2.5D game is. they look totally 3D, but they're actually totally 2D.

  2. none of these are 2.5d.

    Here is an explanation of what 2.5d is.

    2.5d is when sprites are changed in angle with textures (i'm pretty sure).
    It's shown in stuff like wolfenstein 3d, rise of the triad, and even the doom series (one and two).
    those are the best examples.

  3. Ok so just till Today those arent 2.5D video game's they are very relative to 3D and those are 3D sideways (Non 2.5D) Game's the only game's that are 2.5D is (just for example) Wolfenstein 3D (yes its not fully 3D its 2.5D they just didnt know it was 3D) DOOM (1993/1992) Duke Nukem 3D (just like about the info about Wolfenstein) Heritic ,Hexen
    Rise of the Triad's well thats all of the 2.5D games I could think of so gud luck

  4. thanks for this video upload. by the way do you know, What's the title of the 2.5 game that looks like Flashback but the protagonist is like an android ninja and his first boss fight is a flying dragon robot?

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