Top 25 Android RPGs | Best Android Role-playing Mobile Games

Scratch your RPG with our picks for the best role playing games on the Android. These are the top-rated RPG titles currently …

42 thoughts on “Top 25 Android RPGs | Best Android Role-playing Mobile Games”

  1. This as well as other lists are lazy compilations – you clearly haven't even downloaded any of these games. It's a compilation of trailers and game scores which aren't always true because some games are ports on mobile but game scores are for the original game.

    Please, make your lists personal – play showcased games and review them based on your views.

  2. Your lists are bad it's not about the reviews all these games suck please add actual RPGs like Ricky online and orna and bit heroes those are RPGs not that anime shit

  3. Try downloading Zenonia and Inotia.. this games has so many trilogies.. yeah its a pixel game.. But it doesnt not affect the game.. nice story and and has a classic ways of upgrading things and adventure

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  5. i have good games becuase of you i love you. if i don't find a game for me i will search whatoplay to find a good game very helpfull.

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