Top 20 Best Android Games 2019 | MUST PLAY

Here’s a list of 20 Best Android Games to start 2019. Subscribe: ▻ Kit: Top …

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  1. Hi can I ask you if you are familiar with this certain arcade game from google play I forgot the name I looked everywhere but cant find it. its a game about a fish like alien with two tails and its swims into this space like water with neon design it fends for itself from attacker and eats this tiny glowing orbs and saves the other tadpole like fish that follows it around. I hope you can help me thanks!

  2. Limbo, (Adventure)
    Badland, (Adventure)
    Walking Dead-Telltale, (Story-mode)
    Minecraft (Multiplayer and adventure)
    Monument Valley, (Puzzle)
    Life is strange, (Story Mode)
    Bombsquad (Multiplayer)….
    these are some of my personal favourite best and underrated android games i have found so far …

  3. Asphalt is an ABSOLUTE TRASH ,,i came here to find a replacement after 5 days of playing , its not a proper game , its the worst i have ever played , i have scientific stats on how its the worst racing game ever

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