Top 12 Best Android & iOS Games Like Zelda 2020

Ranking the best #Android #games and iOS games like #Zelda that you can play in 2020, drop a like and enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “Top 12 Best Android & iOS Games Like Zelda 2020”

  1. I loved Genshin empact. But it wouldn't let me set up a way to bind my game. ALSO, steering is awkward and would benefit from allowed controller hookup. Waiting for the switch version before I restart game just for the controller pad function. 100% recommen trying it out.

  2. The real title:

  3. Evoland 2 was a fun game, I completed it in 20hrs and gotta say it was a fun 20 hrs, I was always looking forward to playing it after school really recommend it and the ending? Its an amazing and kinda tragic plot twist.

  4. EVOLAND 1&2 is MORE than just a zelda like game, A MUST PLAY for every player!!! great TOP i did one many years ago, it would be a honor if you check it 🙂

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