Top 100 PSP GAMES OF ALL TIME (According to Metacritic)

Top 100 PSP GAMES OF ALL TIME (According to Metacritic)

These 100 PSP Games are all shown in order of their Metacritic Score. Each game will feature a green number showing what it’s Metascore is.

PSP has a lot more sports titles in the Top 100 than I would have liked personally, I may make another version without sports but for now, this is it.

This video is the Top 100 Best Games for the Sony PSP handheld gaming console.

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  1. I asked my mom if she could buy me a SIM card for my tablet so I can put the games on it instead of making it run up my space and now I will have to wait so I'm going to delete PSP emulator and for now I'll just play COD mobile

  2. You forgot Pursuit Force and its sequel Pursuit force 2:Extreme Justice, its an action game about a branch of the police force called Pursuit force where you do different missions against a crime organiazations and a crime families. Each mission may put you on foot, by air in a helipcipter, by boat or by car where you can jump on various cars shoot the person driving snd take over there car for example…and also rescue missions too. Music is crazy good and the game is hard as hell when you go up in the missions, you have a timer per each mission and different weapons to choose from. The first gane is based on taking down different crime families and group organizations. Part 2 is mostly story based..which is even more crazier game and a great story. Both games are funny and fun.

  3. I could be wrong but apparently this rank was made by someone who has never played PSP. Where the hell are DBZ Shin Budokai and DBZ Tag Team?

  4. Ok i need help remembering a game. Does anyone know the name of a game where its like a platformer game with a ton of levels and the main character talks to an orb and he gets the power to speed up platforms by breaking glass orbs.Please if anyone remembers the name to it please tell me

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