Top 10 NEW Android Games of The Month JANUARY 2022 | High Graphics (Online/Offline)

HEY GUYS, In This Video, I am Gonna Show You The Top 10 NEW Android Games of The Month JANUARY 2022, High Graphics (Online/Offline)
✪Game Shown in the video:
Intro (0:00)
1: World War 2 Reborn (0:33)
2: Chimeraland (1:21)
3: John Hero (2:04)
GamersLand Channel (2:34)
4: Fading City (3:05)
5: Bishojo Battlefield (3:44)
6: Mission Zero (4:12)
7: Quest Hunter (4:44)
8: Agent Commando (5:03)
9: Super Rabbit World (5:23)
10: Gorilla Online! (5:52)
Outro (6:21)
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In Today’s Video, I have Shown the Top 10 New Games For Android 2022. Actually, If You Are searching on The Internet For the Top 10 New Android Games of The Month of January 2022 Then Your Are At The Right Place. Because In Today’s Video You Will Find Out About 10 New Games For Android & Ios of Which Some of Them are of Very High Graphics and Offline/Online. So I Hope You Like This Video.
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  1. Prateek bhai, male video on wex mobile…. It is made by 2 indian game developers and will come in a month… It has a 64km² battle royale map and tdm….. It also has chennel on youtube…. The closed beta test were also done…..

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