Top 10 Mobile MMORPG Games of 2021! Android and iOS

Mobile rpgs have become more popular than computer and console rpgs combined because of the convenience of playing on the …

48 thoughts on “Top 10 Mobile MMORPG Games of 2021! Android and iOS”

  1. I wanna say good job for how you set up the video it is perfect to see the name move through the video. Really perfect. Sorry for the English.

  2. If I can’t create my own character it’s not a mmo for me. The Open World is offline and the missions online… but I see all the time the same broken characters. If they have the option to create an own cac I will try it

  3. Dear customers. I would like to draw your attention to the MMORPG (Teon) available on Android and IOS. Old school game, no auto combat for (clicker or the like – fine days) with a completely open world

  4. Why the fuck is Genshin Impact included in this list? It's not MMORPG. It's ARPG. You'll be surprised to know you're alone in your own world when you enter Teyvat. Lmao.

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