Top 10 Mobile Games Like DIABLO

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Mobile Games Like DIABLO”

  1. Good job! Great vid but this "Diablo Moral" lol. Its Immortal dawg. Another thing is that Genshin Impact is not an mmorpg.
    Btw. Do not compare Dragon Raja to Diablo "Moral" xd please. Futuristic world 🤮 cars, bikes and weird stuff mixed with fantasy, which is not right! It ruins everything 😪

  2. Dude, the guy in the video pissed me off he just wants clicks you can hear that …

    Right at the beginning "This has a battle royale" dirty Fortnite player!
    Shitty video it was fun to dislike …

    Edit: Good Games but I don't like the YouTuber still dislike

  3. The best for me, Genshin Impact. I did try Dragon Raja SEA (The full name of the game on the Play Store in my area) and it feels like a CyberPunk 2077 Mobile version.

  4. Can u please make a list of best games where only skills matter like pubg ,. Becoz pubg is banned in my country india

    U can include any category game like coc pubg etc

    For mobile pls

    That are very very good

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