Top 10 FREE Android Games | NO Microtransactions | NO In-App Purchases

Despite the rise in quality, mobile games are still synonymous with microtransactions (lootboxes, pay-to-win MMOs, etc.). Let’s take a look at some of the best free Android games with no microtransactions. Yes, some will have ads but the ten games listed don’t come with digital purchases.

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 FREE Android Games | NO Microtransactions | NO In-App Purchases”

  1. All those games look extremely boring and like a waste of time to me. I bet there are many people who like that kinds of games but not me. I know the games are free to play but in my opinion thats crap. I want really good free games without ads and if possible without pay content. But i guess the seach is pointless.

  2. Played data wing as soon as it came out and played it all the way through in one sitting amazing game wish there were more like it. Not necessarily the gameplay put just a free game with no ads or minimal ads like polytopia

  3. If you want good mobile games I recommend the oddworld series it's not free but once you buy the game you own everything in game no microtransaction

  4. I searched for one of the games and i saw this game called "Swordigo". This game is really nice and eventhough you didn't recommend it i wouldn'nt have found it if it weren't for this vid.

  5. anyone still remember beat beat vocaloid plus? damn I miss that app. had to delete it in my old tablet due to storage problems.

  6. downloaded an app in the playstore not too long ago simply called "Arcade Games".
    its basically an emulator for old arcade games and plenty of it including metal slug, simpsons, kof, contra, street fighter 2, captain commando, x-men, punisher, samurai shodown, final fight, double dragon, alien, hook, ghost n' goblins, splatter house, superman, bomberman, nba jam, etc.
    I've played hours of it by now and found no noticeable problems with the emulation. it has some ads which can be skipped without wait time and can be skipped altogether by just disabling wifi. it can be hard to play at times with the screen controls, especially fighting games, but with a controller for phones, it works great. also has netplay for multiplayer but haven't tested it myself.

  7. Whatoplay u made a mistake.
    No.6 u said stranger things the game. But the clip u are showing is the game from Stranger things 3, which is a paid game.

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