Top 10 CRPG 2021: The Best Classic RPG Games to play on PC, Consoles, Mobile Switch (not Android)

Top 10 CRPG 2021: The Best Classic RPG Games to play on PC, Consoles, Mobile Switch (not Android). These are not the 10 top …

48 thoughts on “Top 10 CRPG 2021: The Best Classic RPG Games to play on PC, Consoles, Mobile Switch (not Android)”

  1. Divinity original Sin 2 is, at 10 hours in, an incredibly boring game. I didn't much care for Dragon Age Origins either back in the day, just a lot of boring fighting and blood for hours on end. Now Pillars of Eternity, that's a good one! The rest I'll add to my list!

  2. I am REALLY stepping forward to give SOLID CHEERS to this under rated SOLID gem of a game that completely impressed me – Pathfinder Kingmaker (9/10 solid score at least.) I truly extend my cheers to the game that i actually bought the new game Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. First time i been so IMPRESSED i actually bought a new game without waiting a full year.

  3. Wasteland 3 shouldnt be mentioned as "best" since its just a low quality product, made me puke after i played for half an hour. Rest of the list is ok on my not so humble opinion.

  4. POE has the most boring gameplay I've ever encountered in a rpg. Your guys just stand there waiting for a their friggin auto attacks to cool down! It was so boring I actually begged steam for a refund.

  5. Good list.
    Just one problem… and that is disco Elysium.
    The idea is great, the execution is artsy and interesting, the story……
    I honestly wanted to kill nearly every single one of the characters. They were all insufferable, slimy parasites.

  6. Didn't like pillars of eternity at all it's a very boring slog with bas mechanics. Took a save of the first game to import into the second and ended up just playing kingmaker instead. I noe consider its sequel to be the greatest crpg ever made

  7. I started DA:Inquisition about a month ago and played for 7-8 hours before realising I didn't know any of the characters etc, so I put it down and bought Origins and DA 2. Started origins about a week ago with the intention of playing them in order, DA Origins so far has been incredible, can't believe I never played these games before. Phenomenal narrative and choices, excited to see where it goes

  8. all these games are turned base which weakens or ruins the game Games like Wolcen , Grim Dawn, Last Epoch . The Ascent , Victor Vran (the list goes on) blow away the turned based crap. Sure they're nice to look at, but turn based in 2021 ??? I can understand in 1994 with Final fantasy type games because of the limited memory space they were working with but in 2021?? That's where turn based started on the old first generation consoles Nintendo etc. The 2021 Devs are too lazy to make the combat real time instead of turned based nonsense

  9. I tried pillars of eternity this year. My 1st crpg ever! I'm obsessed with it now, loved the combat and the world. Next I'm going to buy POE 2 and Pathfinder 😋🔥

  10. I won't lie been looking for a crpg that has respawning or random encounters when traveling yes i know it may sound silly but i like haveing a way to battle whenever i want and not have to worry about killing everything in the game making it feel super empty kingmaker did have random encounters i liked that however it was on a timer i really hated that part same reason i was not a fan of breath of fire 5.

  11. Man I really want to give Wasteland 3 a chance. However, having stats like Sneaky Shit, Nerd Stuff, and Hard Ass as opposed to stat names like Stealth, Science, and Intimidation just absolutely take me out of the game so hard. The edginess just kills it for me.

  12. DOS2 my favorite CRPG of all times , and while Dragon age serie is the one who got me onto the genre DOS2 is just a masterpiece i every aspect of the game.

    Honestly it's also a shame because the excellency of this game makes me have an hard time getting into ther game of this genre (I do recommend pathfinder and pillars of eternity tho , especialy pathfinder for those who like kingdom building)

  13. почти во всё это играл, Дивинити оригинал син 2 в моём сердце навсегда как и Дискоилизиум и Патфайндер.

  14. I really want to like Pathfinder Kingmaker, but the combination of time limit, vague objectives, and kingdom management, I couldn't get into it.

  15. Well, I've played almost everything from this list so far and I agree that most of this titles are fucking amazing. Sadly I'm playing pillars of eternity right now and I'm finding it extremely boring and dull, pushed difficulty to the lowest one just to finish the game and check out the sequel

  16. DOS2 is on iPad Pro/Air now, with cross-play and PC cross-saves. An incredible port, might be the most important one on mobile gaming as of late. High settings 60 FPS with full keyboard & mouse and controller support, and great touch controls. Please show Larian Studios / Elverils some love!

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