Top 10 Best Monster Taming Games According to Metacritic

We actually have a GOOD Monster Taming Article in the see of articles claiming Monster Taming/ Monster Tamer games are …

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  1. creature collecting is more accurate if you go by the definition. monster taming is more catchy. can use both. also i like the term "large roster jrpg", which is more in line with games akin to pokemon and smt

  2. For me personaly if you say game who have the best monster tameing i think it's still can say monster rencher win like me and my friend actually enjoy playing the game back than surpricingly on my place no one say it's pokemon rip off because it's very diffrent.
    But if the game who have monster taming game but have RPG mechanic i don't really know like i can say SMT because it has complex turnbase mechanic but other way i can say monster hunter story have fun mechanic and family. Also world of final fantasy was good one to i just wish square enix can make monster taming like that base of final fantasy monster like chocobo or behemoth it's kind cool.

  3. My only problem with calling the Monster Taming games is it leaves room for people to argue against mad science games like The Corpsmen or robot based like Medabots.

  4. so jade cocoon 2 where you can turn the game into a randomizer by going to the wind forest then to combining flower use your egg and combine with mugwort or twill mugwort (rare) to turn into random egg (isn't on the list) but viva pinata is

  5. Well, props to this author for having two braincells to rub together. That seems to be a rare thing these days. Then again, games journalism has proven time and again to be a dumpster fire in general, so that just makes it all the better when someone actually writes a competent article.

  6. Nice change of pace, but yeah, never trust reviews. Most of them are complete nonsense so you it's better to see it for yourself if possible, or else you end up with stuff like Pokémon S&S scoring higher than most RPGs in existence including the Xenosaga trilogy.

    Also never understood why these people think that all those franchises that came out around 1 year after pokémon and barely even resemble it were trying to mimic the formula… pokémon itself been on the oven for half a decade before the release. Not sure about Medabots/Monster Rancher development, but Digimon only managed to come out that close to Pokémon's release because it was using Tamagotchi as its blueprints, so most the stuff they needed was art. And even then they were pointed out during development that there were some similarities with 'this game that came out last year' so they went out of their way make it as different from that as possible.

    They even said that they were considering going with another name, but the guy from the trademark company said it was ok :v

  7. I get the impression that Gen 6 improved more battle mechanics than any other generation, but maybe that's because that's the first generation I first battled with (on Showdown). In particular, whenever I see gameplay from older generations I have to remind myself that Electric types can be paralysed, which compares with Poison types which were always immune to poison (except since Gen 7 if the attacker's ability is Corrosion), Steel types which were usually immune to poison (as above but also in Gen 2 they could be poisoned by Twineedle) and Fire types which were usually immune to burn (before Gen 3 they could be burned by non-Fire type moves. Source: Bulbapedia).

  8. Ni No Kuni is my favorite of the games listed in that article. Beautiful jrpg with a fun combat system. The sequel Ni No Kuni Revenant Kingdom was even more fun, imo.

  9. No your right viva pinata was a cartoon umm not sure if it was Y tv since am from the states i think it was like 4kids before it became 4kids but ya it was a fun strange show since they were living animal pinatas who would stuff themselves with candy get shot from a cannon to a party so they were beaten by kids candy coming out their body and than they somehow get back to the island.their also a two headed snake with heads on both ends not sure why a kid is all "ya i want to smash that"

  10. Ah, wisdom teeth removal. Fun times. lol. I've played Slime Ranchers. It was fun for a few hours but then I got bored. I don't think I ever really understood how the ranching part was supposed to work.

  11. "Be my children" 😂 love it! Joined the group a while ago, extinction was a blast when it came out and still have fun with the custom mode too. I've also tried others like Coromon and I'm pretty hyped for what's upcoming!!

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