Top 10 BEST Games like AGE OF EMPIRES | 2021 Edition

Top 10 BEST RTS Games like Age of Empires | 2021 Edition | Best Strategy Games like Age of Empires of All time | Become my PATRON, help me create more: Don’t forget to press Like! 🙂 Subscribe here:

00:00 – War Selection
01:13 – Armies of Exigo
02:01 – Empire Earth 2
02:41 – Age of Mythology
04:27 – Rise of Nations
05:53 – Becastled
06:40 – Cossacks 3
07:27 – 0. AD
08:43 – Empires Apart
09:42 – Frozenheim
11:02 – Honorable Mentions

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37 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Games like AGE OF EMPIRES | 2021 Edition”

  1. Empire Earth 2 doesn't work for Win 10 right? Why is it on the list? Or is there a trick to play it anyway? If so let me know.. That game is pure epicness

  2. Videos are so good and I can never find any about these types of games plus I think it is super cool that you are from Lithuania my grandparents are and I’ve never met anyone else from Lithuania

  3. I've been playing some of this game, but for me Stronghold Crusader is still the best strategy game ever, i know game is supposed to be fun, but there's something different if u need to think not only to play it, but how did u play the game. And SC is giving me that haha

  4. Get Cossacks 3 if you didn't know Cossacks 1 came out in 2001 it was the first game that was like age of empires look up when the video game Cossacks 1 was made and you will see why age of empires took the idea from Cossacks 3!

  5. That Blasphemy part always makes me laugh out loud!!,
    Great list, and I can guarantee that Northgard and all stronghold games (especially Stronghold Crusaders) are great games to play.
    Thanks ColdBeer!!

  6. Is Cossacks 3 better than Cossacks 2 (besides the graphics) ? The reviews I've seen were mostly mixed to negative.
    Also, Stronghold 2 and Legends are pretty bad and besides the first 2 games in the series only Crusader 2 and the new Warlords seem worth picking up.

    Another good older game is Empires: Dawn of the Modern World (that came out slightly before Empire Earth 2 by the developers of Empire Earth 1) which is like Age of Empires 2.5 of sorts.
    Knights of Honor is also worth playing (though it has issues on modern systems) as sort of a mix of Stronghold and Total War.

  7. Age 4 is a hugh mistake, we want Age of Empires going to World war 1, then world war 2, after to korea and vietnam wars, then to modern wars in iraq, afeganistan, lybia and finally to the future wars with robots/ mechs, space wars, planetary wars and more and more in the future, we starts in stone age, we need end in the future, maybe with the end of universe in age of empires 10 or something like that!! =D

  8. Really nice games!! Northgard looks so cool and better than Age 4. But the best RTS game i ever played still are "Battle for middle earth 2 rise of the witch king" (the most giant game name i ever see too), Im a brazilian girl, so brazilian love for you!! o/

  9. I have no idea how this channel appeared in my recs, but I love it. Subscribed, and added to my notifications. Love your sense of humor! If I weren't Brazilian and so poor, I would definitely buy you a coffee or ten, your videos make my day.

  10. oh yeah, Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends are my favorite! Note that I mentioned Rise of Legends, which is a steampunk fantasy spin off Rise of Nations. Great game, I recommend

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