Top 10 Best Android & iOS Games With Controller Support 2019

Ranking the latest #Android and iOS #games with #controller support, drop a like and enjoy!

Update video!!

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Android & iOS Games With Controller Support 2019”

  1. I downloaded Sky children of the light AND LET ME TELL YOU…. IM ADDICTED TO IT. It’s such a beautiful and relaxing game. I definitely recommend downloading it.

  2. Currently playing with the 8 bit do zero 2 interested in having the n30 pro by 8 bit do as well I really like playing skate party 3 on there wish Bubble Bobble the Nes classic worked.

  3. Hello! I bought an X3 controller from eBay and tried connected it with Sky Children but doesn’t work.. any recommendations? My device is not jail broken and the seller said the controller is iOS compatible.. thanks 🙏

  4. Best part of this vedio – you tell about free demo /paid . I f you didn't tell about demo our time is wasted 😊. So its mean you downloaded and play before that . Keep it up

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