Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android 2021 Voted By Players

Ranking the #best #battleroyale games for #Android to play in 2021, voted by you, the players.

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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android 2021 Voted By Players”

  1. Why is pubg 1 pub g dosent even support recoil control and mods. And theres a lot of thing pubg copy from codm.
    I have a concern about codm only 3.
    Codm has a lot of feature that is so cool.
    Pubg is a knock off.

  2. I plyed two years Free fire and I left then I went to call of duty i played two months and I left although call of duty clash squad better than battle royal… but now I Play pubg mobile light more cause I can control the PUBG principal game the aim terrible… I can't wait for pubg newstate 😜

  3. Pubg mobile is Good one smooth game play, No Lag, smooth graphics and also it's global game But The Call of duty is most of bot enemy 🥴 and I hate that!!! Then CODM is destroyed hard space
    CODM space: 8GB already
    PUBGM space: 4GB

  4. Which one of those games i can Play with blu pad? In call of duty my gamepad not work. On my moto G7 Android 10 device. I hate Play with touch screen control. This gamepad work without problem on any console emulators.
    Any chance to do top bluetooth pad support games list?

  5. Call Of Duty: Mobile should had been NO.1. Pubg Mobile has a better engine, but it's graphics is still ASS compared to Cod: Mobile graphics, a game that pushed Unity Engine to it's limits. And do note, Fortnite Mobile had a serious struggle, when Call Of Duty: Mobile came out, because one of the worlds oldest, and most iconic franchises came onto Mobile platform, and the game grew and grew and grew, along with the COD: Mobile community. Now, U are allowed to love Fortnite and Pubg mobile, I'm not saying why U shouldn't be loved and adored, I'm just saying my personal thoughts.

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