Top 10 Android Puzzle Games

Presenting the 10 best puzzle mobile games for Android smartphones and tablets. These are the top-rated puzzlers currently available on the Google Play Store. You may get these games by clicking on the links below:
* Alphabear
* Badland
* Blendoku 2
* Cut the Rope: Magic
* Hitman GO
* Lara Croft: GO
* Mekorama
* Mini Metro
* Monument Valley
* You Must Build a Boat
* The Room Three
* The Sequence
* Threes!

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Android Puzzle Games”

  1. Y’all please help me find this game name…

    It’s about this man who is in a suit, and he tries to escape from the detective or police… so you have to help him get away, so it’s a story and at one point you need to sort pictures in the right sequence and obstacle to move on so he will be going through the pictures and he should be able to get through to the end.

    It’s style of game is quite like Monument Valley and more minimalist

  2. there's this dark.. premium game on playstore, played it I think.. 2-3 years ago.. AND I WANNA PLAY IT AGAIN, if anybody is familiar with it plsss tell me!! it's a Dark 2D puzzle game, with levels!

  3. One of my favorites is 'Red'. It was the first one in the series that I played and has a user rating of 4.7, not sure about the playstore rating though. They also have others (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow etc) which which are on my list of games to try. The object is always to make the screen 1 colour but it isn't always obvious how. I love games where what you have to do isn't always obvious.

  4. Fun fact: Threes is on the 3rd position and its rating is "8.93" where 8 is cube of 2 and 9 is multiple of 3 and last number is 3 itself. It is indeed a very "three" number game😂

  5. Your videos are great by the way
    The room trilogy is wonderful!
    top 10 free rpgs or mmorpgs for android plzz
    well presented, generous video with solid info. It deserves more views thats for sure

  6. *Room 3 was released on my birthday last year!
    Hey it's me again do you have top 10 games for pc not on steam?
    11. The Sequence was my favorite puzzle game for mobile of all time. And the sequel is out.

  7. I created my own puzzle game for Android. Heights Puzzle: Sequence
    No one downloads it because it is free and it has few ads to distract the game play. Or maybe because it is boring. Don't know. Play score: 1.66*

  8. My top 3 Puzzle games
    1 – Escape funky island (it is a game where your sub Marine broke a window Causing it to sink but you fixed it and going to an island where you are a detective trying to solve the mysteries of the island)
    2 – 13 Puzzle rooms escape game (you are basically in a movie that is testing you. There is a speaker in each room that is giving you clues solve puzzles unlock locks and understand the clues.)
    3 – Faraway (1234 and Tropic escape) (this is basically a series that you need to collect the square things to get through a portal that will set you home also there are notes hidden around each level there are 3 of each level) Thanks for reading! (This is my opinion don't be mad please 🙁)

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