Top 10 Android Emulators for Games, developers.. Run Android apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome

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Android Studio


Bliss OS

Prime OS




(Due to loose security in this Emulator, I am retracting it’s link)
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All of the outside shots:
JVC Pro Series 2017 (Sold in Japan ONLY) GZ-R470-H

Studio Camera:
Logitech 920 WebCam-

SnowBall Blue USB condenser Microphone – Pro series.

Selfie Ring Camera Light.…

VideoPad professional by NCH
L-View Pro
Chrome OS
Windows 10

Acer CB515 Touchscreen

35 thoughts on “Top 10 Android Emulators for Games, developers.. Run Android apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome”

  1. I was using genymotion to testing app Android, but there is not support to Android 11 (API Level 30). Witch other emulator Can I use? Android Studio Emulator doesnt work for me.

  2. FANTASTIC VIDEO, VERY GOOD!!! Several simple 2D games are successful (ex Tomb of the Mask)


  3. Most of them are for Windows only, some goes with MacOS too, but only a few used mainly for developers works on Linux. That's my only downside with my new experience on Linux, and the only thing I miss from windows (bluestacks). Well, thanks to Valve at least my old pc (i7 6700k) can be use for gaming pc otherwise I would been shouting shit to windows 11 and Microsoft xD. Hope Anbox evolved faster because it's still extremely green (still pre-alpha I guess), or bluestacks realese a Linux version, or Genymotion does it better with compability for gamers(I have been unable to run one of my favorite recent games for mobile devices on it). And Now, I don't want to return to W10 during the next last 3 years only for that, I've got inlove with my linux setup on all the other aspects. Let alone to force the installation of W11 (if it doesn't have support from the company, it is just a matter of time to start the frustration with W11).

  4. what android emulator should i use for chromebook,yes i can downlaod games on playstore but my chrome its not touch screen and the game i want does not support the keyboards any suggestions

  5. Hey this is an awesome video… I’m running amd crossblade ranger motherboard but having lag issues with every emulator I’ve tried… any suggestions on fixing the issue? It ms not so bad if I only ever use one screen but as soon as I make a multi screen it goes bad, wether both screens are open or not ….

  6. I am actually looking for an emulator in order to control my devices, like security cams that require a smartphone and only have apps for android [or IOS]. The question is most of these emulators are made for android gaming, but can they handle apps for controlling Wi-Fi devices? So far I tried MEMU, and it just cannot do it, while I cannot be certain, but I suspect that the Wi-Fi emulation is just not the same since they do not seem to work in the same way, and that appears to be the issue, since the device is just not being detected, and if I try to connect directly in win10 the emulator does not recognize it since it is not under the regular control.
    Where I am it makes no sense to pay for a smartphone since they won't work where I am, hell we just got DSL 2 years ago. It is just all the security cams I come across [that I am willing to spend money on] seem to assume everybody has a smartphone, and they only make their "apps" for IOS or Android.

  7. why can't i get play store on my HP chromebook? it didnt come with it and i finally got it from chrome web and it wont let me install it as it says "no eligible devices"

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