Top 10 Android Anime Games

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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Android Anime Games”

  1. I have a sword art online game for android called sao integral factor, in my opinion thats the best anime game, can u please make a video about this game aswell

  2. Top 8 anime game in android by me
    1. Genshin impact
    2. Arknight
    3. Doki doki literatur club
    4. Fgo
    5. Steins gate
    6. Fate realta nua
    7. Honkai impact
    8. Bang dream

  3. Hello Fellow Weebs. Its Me Kuraie!
    Anime Games i Recommend
    1. Fate Grand Order
    2. Azur Lane
    3. Ark Knights
    4. Bang Dream

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