Top 10 Action RPG Games like Diablo released in 2021

Top 10 Action RPG isometric Hack and Slash Games like Diablo released in 2021 | Get your limited edition Potato Salad-Man T-Shirt here:

00:00 – Anima: The Reign Of Darkness
01:44 – Death’s Door
03:07 – The Ascent
03:54 – Death Trash
04:33 – Eclipse
05:23 – Minecraft Dungeons
06:26 – Tribes of Midgard
07:12 – Undungeon
08:21 – Viking Vengeance
09:59 – Sands of Aura

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Music: Role Player, Youtube’s Free Library

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Action RPG Games like Diablo released in 2021”

  1. Hello, if some of you are looking for some other hack'n slash, try Ortharion Project, nice build, item diversity (if you can bypass the visuals ^^ ). But there is no vodka sorry 😉 patch 1.3 will be released in early 2022.

  2. I would absolutely buy any game called Reindeer Vengeance: Tribes of Ikea. Pre-order. Back at kickstarter. Let me know when it's done, will you? 😃

  3. @ColdBeer: after watching this video, I think you should make a list of Top 10 games with horrendous bugs looking like your ex-girlfriend.
    Then, you should also make a list of Top 10 games you will need to erase from your mind with a lot of Vodka.

  4. Hmm, you should change the thumbnail to: Top 10 Suckyist game that are not as good as Diablo released in 2021 but look like released in 1999. Respect that you actually took the time to test these games. So……. When are you going to finally play Wildermyth? You said you would check it out. Stay safe and Gruß from Germany

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