This Is My Favorite Quest 2 Feature! Installing Full Android & Multitasking!

In today’s video, we are installing Full Android on the Quest 2. Yes, I know, the Oculus Quest 2 already runs android, but we are …

37 thoughts on “This Is My Favorite Quest 2 Feature! Installing Full Android & Multitasking!”

  1. Vmos is a virtual Machine for Android not an emulator I've had it on my tablet for years cuz it gives u a completely separate version of Android that you can root and run apps on without hurting your main operating system, I would never thought about putting it on the quest tho what a good idea

  2. OMG THANK YOI SO MUCH! Was waiting to do this and with my new phone i got for christmas i could finally do it! Already subbed and just liked. Keep on making good content! 👍

  3. How do you connect your Samsung phone to your headset, the new update you can receive phone notifications in the headset, but I can't find the phone settings in my oculus app

  4. can You see on that app the cardboard headset view on a oculus screen?I mean full screen app and split it to different eyes and maybe sync movement from headset to app too? I am searching for this fuctionality, but no luck Yet. Even started a Oculus uservoice idea 😛

  5. very important question, while using discord can you share your screen ??? ive been wondering for a bit because i want to stream myself plying for some friends

  6. with that logic u could run a full android system inside a quest that is also running quemu windows and inside of that runing some windows arcade emulator

  7. i think it would be awesome if the oculus menu was a virtual phone/tablet you can hold in a hand to do everything while in a game. and then you can drop it or throw it away to unpause

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