This DM Tool hits the Sweet Spot!

I think I finally found the tool of my dreams for online D&D! Let’s take a look!
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45 thoughts on “This DM Tool hits the Sweet Spot!”

  1. Thank you for the video. I like what I see, but I am having a few issues, I wanted to find a program where I could make a Digital tabletop for my players in the same room. I think Owlbear Rodeo would be great for an online game. But what would you use for an in-person game?

  2. my problem with owlbear is the inability to put numbers beside the token so i can quickly see how much hp each of my monster tokens have left, also the inability to put marker for status effect for the tokens.

    apart from that, owlbear really is a nice tool due to its light weight

  3. ??? I love the channel but… I don't understand why you're doing a video on Owlbear as a now eureka find??? You did at least 2 videos on Owlbear about a year ago.

  4. This is amazing! I'm playing DnD for the first time next weekend with some friends. I'm going to DM and this tool is going to make everything so fun.

  5. Owl Bear Rodeo is……okay. If you really want something simple, but why would you? In this day and age of high speed wireless connections and sophisticated programs that can incorporate fantastically diverse rules sets, I see no reason to use something like Owl Bear Rodeo. Its a great bit of software if you are on a budget though, but for Foundrys asking price…even that is a bit of a stretch. Also, you can backup EVERYTHING with Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and Foundry, so that if you have a storage failure, you dont lose your stuff, just back it all up to a cloud drive.

  6. Also with owlbear I noticed you can click on a token which will highlight it and you can then press backspace which will delete it as well. Hope this helps!!

  7. Just discovered Owlbear Rodeo becasue of this video and will definitely be using it. Will be perfect for online sessions of The One Ring where all I need is an easy way of putting down the Stance and Journey mats for players to add their tokens to… so, not even maps but this it perfect for the job as its so easy to use. Thanks!

  8. I've just found out that you can Import / Export all your data under the setting gear in the left bottom of the page. … That is cool to back stuff ;3

  9. Thank you for the Video. This comment is probably a little late but I was just getting to this issue, with covid and the cold of winter coming along. Plus my group just got separated between multiple countries. I messed around with some vtts, going as far as paying for some just to test them out, but this is by far the best option. Especially given that we use our own homebrew system, having all this automation in the way is just annoying at this point. I tried owlbear thanks to this video and I really can't thank you enough.

  10. so glad i found this video!!! one question… i play live as DM but i would like to put a TV on table with this software… is there a way to split screen without letting my players see my monitor instead of playing only online with invite link?
    thank you!

  11. Wow, I had no clue this was out there, was trying to justify the learning curve for more intense tools but this does what I need and I was using it in just a few minutes (impressive for an old #$%^ like me) As you recorded this 8 months ago I see they've made a ton of improvements, file exporting and dice in their own trays? Bonus!

  12. This tool looks like exactly what I'm looking for. I don't need the fluff and graphics that take hours to set up, load, and cost a bunch of extra money. I'm not trying to build a whole computer game, I just want to play D&D!

  13. Dude, you should check out AboveVTT. It just launched a few months ago, requires no extra account, totally free, and plugs in to your DnD Beyond.

    INSANELY awesome. Just tried it out last week, and…. it's instantly become indispensable to my games.

    IMO, it's got all the features of OwlBear, but… dare I say…. it's even simpler to use, and more robust in it's offering.

    100% worth a check-out. They've got a 5 min vid here on youtube breaking everything down and it's great.

  14. My group has actually been using table top simulator(dont do it) because we all love it for other stuff and as the dm its very clunky and was not designed for dnd. Ive been makingvit work because i havent had the time to learn roll20 but this looks like a great replacement.

  15. One I've been playing with and loving recently, and which has also had a lot of people shift over from roll20 and OR, is AboveVTT! It's a browser extension, it's also totally free, and it's open source and still in development – getting better each day! It integrates directly into your D&DBeyond too, so if you're running a module, you can literally just open maps from the book and plug and play! (It does also do custom maps too, you just need to upload them to something like imgur or google drive and paste in the link and you're good!)

  16. This looks suspiciously too good to be true! Lol what's the catch! Thanks for the guide/tutorial on this ill definitely be using soon

  17. Sorry to be that guy but.. when will people learn not to make their data hostage of an online service. You work hard and enter tons of stuff there and one day it starts demanding money from you or disappears. You don't have your data OR a program that you could continue using.

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