The Top 10 Pay To Win Bull$#[email protected]

There are a lot of unwritten rules in esports. Always teabag a fallen opponent, never bet on the best team going into TI, never taunt before you get the kill. But the most important one is this:

Never pay to win.

When you can buy a messed up skin, broken character or some other awful boost, the competitive integrity of a game goes out the window.

So let’s take a look at the worst cases of this with the Top 10 Pay to Win Bullshit.

Written and Hosted by: Danny Burke (@lurkeyburke)
Edited by: Brendan Fahey (@drillbit_)
Produced by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
Thumbnail by: Shihab Mian (@shihabmian)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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24 thoughts on “The Top 10 Pay To Win Bull$#[email protected]

  1. "Never pay to win"…yeah, tell that to the World First racers in World of Warcraft. They're dropping 10 million gold per raid drop for their Normal/Heroic split raid runs next week.

  2. Seriously, I hate pay to win, it's ruining the gaming industry. The worst I have seen is Star Wars Galaxy of Heros mobile game, you can spend up to $1000 per character just to unlock, not including ranking up.

  3. Does no one remember the toy army from Fortnite like it was just overpowered and the best skin in the game and you wouldn’t be able to c them (until the nerf patch ofc)

  4. the mac 10 one wasn’t even the first time lol
    cw guns had the base model nerfed but with the right attachments it would still be op

  5. Bringing one of the most competitive games in this video is just so stupid. You should state which games let you abuse pay to win in competitive (like fifa) and which ones are awared of the pay to win and since they're competitive for real (not like fifa) they ban those pay to wins in competitive. So no, Iblitzcrank is not a pay to win in LoL since is banned from competitive. You'll never see a pro playing a competitive game with that. And yes, I'm saying that Fifa or CoD are stupid gamea for kids. Bye.

  6. Heroes charge mobile game should be on here easily the most expensive game I’ve played where top players spend hundreds of thousands of dollars

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