The Best Emulators for Android

Hey All! In this video I go over my picks for the best emulator apps on Android. For many of these apps, I’ve created a guide showing how to use the emulators.

Here is the previous video for the best emulator apps on android:

How to set up RetroArch on Android:

The best Nintendo DS emulator on android – DraStic

The best Playstation app on android – epsxe

The best Dreamcast emulator on android – Redeam:

The best GameCube / Wii emulator on android – dolphin:

The best Nintendo 3DS emulator on android – Citra:

The best PSP emulator on android – PPSSPP:

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40 thoughts on “The Best Emulators for Android”

  1. I have classic plus. Which has NES SNES GBC GBA N64 MD AND PSP. The app is free but the psp part is for money. You dont need to find roms on the internet becuase it already has it you just need to press install. But now its removed from Play store and the Internet and as for me I still have it but I cant download any games from it since it wont work.

  2. RetroArch is crashing all of a sudden when I'm offline and trying to launch a rom… I tried downloading an older version, this works on 90% of my roms, but doesn't work at all on xmb GUI…

  3. I am just in search for one that doesn't give you an AD each second for saving and loading a file. I just want help with Pokèmon without getting 60 ads

  4. I'm so thankful for emulators with save states. (I'm using ppsspp). I'm an online driver so most of my "job" is waiting for an order, sometimes more than 30 minutes. But i can't play normal games and definitely not online games because if i get an order, it's not like i have the luxury to look for a save point before i take it. Thanks to ppsspp i can play games while waiting and have the peace of mind of being able to save my progress at any time. These developers are heroes!

  5. Hey guys please get lemuroid I know I sound like a r-o-b-o-t but I'm surprisingly a human anyways lemuroid can let you play psp games,N64,NES,SNES,ATARI 2700 and much more

  6. Hello mr.sujano do you know some apps that there are all games without ROMs from the internet because I want to play safe on Android I'm very happy if you reading the comment so thanks for reading my comment have a nice day 😁

  7. I paid for ppsspp gold to support them it's that good. It works perfectly, the only limit is your phones hardware. Love the psp rpgs and they run so smooth. Tons of options to optimize how it plays and looks. If you can afford it support the developer

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