The BEST Android Emulator to Play Android Games on PC!

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Hey guys, today we’re talking about the best android emulator to play android games on PC! There are lots of options out there, but my favorite emulator of all time has been NOX.



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38 thoughts on “The BEST Android Emulator to Play Android Games on PC!”

  1. not sure why but when I run honkai on nox, the coloration seems off and almost greener than normally on mobile. for some reason nox wont let me multi input on keyboard/mouse (e.g bronyas charge att is cancelled when i cycle through wasd)

  2. I heard you can get banned from Honkai for using Nox and switched to Mumu. This information is NOT CONFIRMED, im not looking to advertise false information, I'm just looking to find whether its true or not, or anyone heard anything about it. I would love to use Nox for Honkai but I'm too scared of a ban.

  3. I've been trying to set up memu for houkai3rd but the music is distorted (annoying) and it runs worse than my phone. and I can't get camera control on the right analog stick to work properly via memu and joy2key.


  4. I'm gonna try to use nox to play Honkai Impact 3 and use my ps4 controller. Speaking of Honkai Impact I miss the Honkai vids my man. Global has been receiving great updates. Check em out!

  5. only annoying thing with nox is that I have to play muted because the sound gets glitchy as hell during loading sometimes. not sure if there's a fix for that

  6. i know its a Sponsored video what is totally fine and all all power to you, but is it True that the Nox Emulator sends information to China ? or ist it just internet bullshit

  7. For some reasons I receive the message "Your device isn't compatible with this version" when I try to install Knights Chronicle on NoX. That's weird, I don't have this problem with Memu

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