The BEST Alternatives to D&D!

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19 thoughts on “The BEST Alternatives to D&D!”

  1. I'm relatively new to tabletop games and I started with D&D 5e in 2019. Recently I've been moving away from it in favor of other games, including OSR style games.

    I've been playing Call of Cthulhu, but also been moving toward the new Fallout 2d20 RPG by Modiphius, as well as some Free League products such as Symbaroum and Mork Borg. Still waiting to get my hands on Coriolis as well as it sounds a bit like Traveller, just with different character creation and established lore

  2. runequest is a GREAT rpg… but dont think you will master it easily. Actually Ive done DMing for over 20 years and the lore and the universe of Glorantha is a little bit overwhelming for beginners. But I also think Runequest is by far the best RPG in those you mentionned. Great rules set and the greatest and the richest universe ever made for Roleplaying.

  3. I came back to RPG with D&D 5E and played it for three years, but as time progressed I felt the rules were taking over player's agency and DM's creativity. I played an entire campaign at level 5 knowing that whatever the encounter, my character would probably never die. I sold most of my 5E books.
    It's been two years I am playing with other game system and I am not looking back.

  4. Yes please make a video about the BRP system, played many worlds with variants of it… amazing system…. and very easy for players to grasp [in fact I had players who barely knew the system, and happily trusted me to tell them what they needed to roll any time they wanted to do anything]. It’s so flexible and well thought out and logical. I love it.

  5. Thought this was going to be alternative fantasy RPGs. I too began playing 1980-81 with D&D. Today I like HackMaster 5E and Pendragon 5.2. Last played AD&D in the 2E version.

  6. Mongoose 2nd Edition Traveller gets tremendous support by the publisher? HAHAHA! They can't even release core rulebooks that are ready to play! Traveller 2nd ed is chock-full of errors, unplayable without significant development from the players (not house rules, DEVELOPMENT!). It's outrageous how Mongoose disrespects the IP and their other IPs as well from what i've heard.

    I'm pissed because i do like the rules conceptionally and the general feel of Traveller a lot, and these books aren't exactly cheap either. Why no one ever deems the lackluster quality of the books important enough to mention i wonder.

  7. Thank you! I noticed you had Power & Perils on your shelf, did you ever run it? Its currently open source, a lot of material and support is online now.

  8. Some very solid recommendations, but they're all on the 'heavy' side of the RPG sub-genre. Do you have any suggestions for 'lighter' RPG systems (e.g. FATE Accelerated/Core, Mix-Six, etc)?

  9. Great video for someone like me who doesn't have a big history in RPG but I have an interest in the genre as something to involve my son in to introduce him to RPG gaming. I like the recent Fantasy Trip games from Steve Jackson Games as an FYI for a throw-back to a classic game. I don't know if you have those games.

  10. Great Video, I purchased this in it's entirety and would love to add it to your collection. I was attracted at the time because it was highly rated and more importantly my wife's love of anthropomorphic characters. Unfortunately it has become a lovely 3 volume-ish hanger queen on my shelf. I owe you quite a bit for all the enjoyment you have given me of the last two years. If you wouldn't mind sending me your shipping address I would be very appreciative if you would like it (john @ Hopefully it is one you don't have and one you wouldn't review as an omg, this is too awesome, every library should have one 🙂

  11. A game you are not going to find easily, but one I find quite unique and really wish I could have run more, was The Morrow Project – specifically the 80s edition where the world ended with the Cold War going hot and ending the world. One man, Mr. Morrow, was able to project himself into the future and see the ruined world – and so this businessman (what else would you do with the ability to look into the future – and most likely even travel into it physically) created a project to rebuild the world. You could be a Mars team sent to do the heavy lifting during conflict, a science team there to do research, or more commonly a Recon team meant to wake up and gather intel to send back to Prime Base…. but something went wrong, and you wake up 150 years after the bombs fell as your cryo systems fail. Gathering your gear and abandoning your bolt hole, you emerge with your mission FUBARed and in an uncertain world.

    Another rare and hard to find game is Skyrealms of Jorune – what a crazy setting that was. Settlers on an alien world where the indigenous race has access to what is best described as magic; this is allegorical to the pioneer days of 19th century America, and is a fairly unique Science Fantasy setting.

    In Science Fiction, I actually like the Mechanoids Trilogy from Palladium games. You are on a world when a North American continent sized ship appears in the sky and starts sending out insane drones to attack the planet. Cut off, can you survive this hostile world with an overwhelming alien force? I'd say this one is a good for those coming from D&D.
    Oh, and Fantasy? Palladium Fantasy Role Playing 1st edition is a little tricky to hunt down but this pre-MDC/pre-RIFTS book (like the above) is a wonderful take on fantasy character classes and diversity of races. I think the book does a good job giving you a rich feel for the game world, with illustrations of different kinds of coinage and information. I have fond memories of this one even if the whole Palladium system isn't the greatest.
    Thing is there are thousands upon thousands of RPGs? The one I really always wanted to run and never got to? Behind Enemy Lines was like Boot Hill in that is was half a miniatures wargame and half an RPG, and growing up on Combat! reruns I always wanted to GM this one. It is cheap on DriveThruRPG and might be a cool alternative for some.

  12. Good choices! I followed a lot of RPGs with Basic RolePlaying rules (developed by Chaosium, Inc.) and in the 1970s and 80s they announced themselves as a challenge or alternative to D&D. They observed that armor doesn't reduce your chances to be hit, but simply reduces damage once you are hit. An extra step is to roll where on the body you were hit (in RuneQuest there were different tables depending on whether the incoming attack was mêlée or ranged). It could go into glorious detail about Medieval armor, and they got advice from the Society for Creative Anachronism about armor and armor mishaps!
    If this is all news to a D&D-player, they can download free quickstarts about BRP and RuneQuest: (go to the bottom to download a free .pdf)

    There are many other kinds of RPGs. For a D&D-only player to orient themselves, they can look at this site which gives useful player and GM advice and introduces over 60 current games, some with free downloads: (Click Menu, then click "Find Games to Play")

  13. Great list! I especially agree with Runequest and Classic Rolemaster (The reprint of the 2nd edition.)

    I will add one more to the list though: Mythras (Runequest 6). It's basically RQ (it used to be), but without the Glorantha setting. It's practically a generic fantasy system using modified BRP mechanics. Apart from the Big Gold Book, it's my favorite of the D100 family.

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